Monday, January 11, 2010

Bankruptcy Court Trustee - Region 21 - Heidi Feinman - Marcia Dunn

The Ferrel Law Firm was working with Rotella and Walker with the Region 21 Panel Trustees that wanted creditor elected Walden ( elected trustees can be interested parties and no form of any disclosure is required, disclosure is required only for Panel 7 trustees) removed because for years she was uncovering their money laundering and fraud.

It has long been proven in the appellate that there was no perjury. Paul G. Hyman was working with Rotella and his conclave of Region 21 panel trustees who orchestrated this fraud, not limited to hiding trustee Deborah Menotte's fraud on the court on this and the Hussy bankruptcy.

Along with trustee Marcia Dunn sleeping with shareholder and partner of the Genovese firm for seven years and giving them work and not disclosing to any of the Judge's or creditors;

and Ferrel's nondisclosure of relationship to Walker and and that firm's handling of the largest asset of the convicted felon Walker( over $2,000,000.00)

Heidi Feinman has in her hand, testimony under oath, by Region 21 Panel 7 Trustees Marcia Dunn and Deborah Menotte where they state this under oath. But since Heidi Feinman is the attorney at the US Trustee's Office, she has endorsed their fraud and unethical behavior and has allowed them to go unscathed and continue in this fashion.

Walden has won fees and double costs at the appellate court against Judge Paul G. Hyman for his frivilous filings, final amount to be determined later this month.

Gary J. Rotella has been recently sanctioned $196,847.00 by Judge Paul G. Hyman for vexatious litigation void of facts or substance.

The District Appellate this year further sanctioned Rotella for $149,259.00 for vexatious litigation lacking any basis in fact.

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Bankruptcy Court Trustee - Region 21 - Heidi Feinman - Marcia Dunn