Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Blatant and Obvious Fraud on the US Court System. Patent Office Fraud, Patent Attorney Corruption, Supreme Court Corruption, Trillions of Dollars.

The Iviewit Stolen Patent Story is very interesting to Say the Least as it Exposes Corruption in US Courts, Exposes Patent Attorneys Ease in which they can Steal Inventions, Exposes Supreme Court Judges and Attorney Bar Association that Cover Up the Corruption, Side Deals and Favoritism among preferred - Elite - Wealthy Attorneys, and Really wakes you up to Big Corporations Like Intel Corp., Lockheed Martin, Time Warner Inc., Sony, and all the Other major Corporations participating in this Cover Up to Deny Inventors Rights, Deny Due Process and Continue Using their Technology - Simply Ignore 8 and 10 year old Contracts, Blatantly VIOLATED Confidentiality Agreements and violating Law after Law with thus far - No Accountability.

The US Patent Office Deny Rights of Inventors and Seem to be Holding up Investigations for year after year while Real Peoples Live are On Hold and In Danger.

The US Bankruptcy Court System has blatant Obvious Proven Fraud as in the Silicon Graphics Bankruptcy - the Conflicts of Interest and Illegal behavior and For Some Reason, thus far the US Bankruptcy Courts can't seem to see what has happened.

And though there are Literally thousands of Pages of documents of Proof, the US Court Sytem Seems to be Aiding And Abetting the Criminals in all this, Seemingly just because they are Major US Corporations, Meg-Law Firms, Court Judges, Supreme Court Judges, and State Attorney Bars - there is so Much Corruption Truly Where Does One Begin.

We Begin by Understanding the Iviewit Stolen Patent Story, who the Criminals Are, Who are the seemingly Protected Patent Attorneys in all this, Which Supreme Court Judges are Looking the Other way to this Blatant and Obvious Corruption, Who in the State Attorney Bar Complaint Process is Allow this. Once we understand this at least to Some Degree we can see how this happens in the US Courts and How those In Judicial Power Either Willing Let it Happen, Accept Bribes and Pay Offs, or are Threatened Somehow.

How Does a Trillion Dollar Patent Heist Get Pulled Off and For over a Decade So Far.

Well Go to the Links Below and Find Out More on How this Level of Corruption Happens in Your United States Court System.

Click Here to Read what Judge Shira A. Scheindlin, U.S.D.J had to Say in August of 2008 about the Fraud, Deceit, and Misrepresentation in the Iviewit Stolen Patent Case.

Also Check Out www.DeniedPatent.com for Names and Players and How A Theft of this Magnitude Can Be Pulled Off in the United States.

Also Go to www.Iviewit.TV Scroll Down Read Through some Documents, I know it is a Lot to Take in, but boy does it Open your Eyes to How Easy Trillion Dollar Heists Really are when you Know the Right People and have the Right Money.