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"" Welcome to, fighting injustice in the state and federal court systems. is the Pro-se meeting place for you to learn how to deal with corrupt lawyers and judges.

The goals and objectives to expose the outright corruption in our nation's courts. Assist other victims of fraud and corruption, deceit and trickery practiced by the courts. To help feeding lawyers steal your property and businesses.

This program is dedicated to ... judges who routinely violate the legal constitutionally guaranteed rights and privileges of pro se litigants in their courtrooms in order to further their criminal activities of corrupt corporate attorneys and fellow bar members of the American Bar Association working under color of law and authority and protective cloak of corrupt judges within our nation's court's ...

The judges who are to be singled out for their contributing efforts in making a champion for legal Reform and our nation and for their outrages ongoing deceit trickery and fraud on the respective offices and the peoples of the United States who they owed their booth and allegiance to not the American Bar Association.

Maryland judicial officers to be recognized for ongoing fraud on the court and treason against the Constitution ......
All judges involved with the Saperstein crime syndicate and its members involving the most massive bankruptcy fraud recorded to date involving Andrew Clifford Moor's bankruptcy case # 88 842746 PM.
And all adversary proceedings and appeals beginning in 1988 continuing all records available at the United States District courts or ask the national archives and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania for those wishing to see how the courts protect the Saperstein crime syndicate and its members at the detriment of the rights and liberties of the victims of corporate fraud, conspiracy collusion and corruption within our federal bankruptcy court system benefiting corrupt gangster lawyers and their clients.

George McDermott pledges to expose this corruption and to helping the victims of these judges regain their rights and liberties and properties taken from them under color of law and authority by our out right corrupt judicial system.

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Yours in truth George McDermott/second-class citizen victim. ""
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Posted by Crystal L. Cox ~~~
I am Dedicated to Networking Victims of Injustice, Court Fraud, Attorney Corruption. I want to EXPOSE Court Corruption from the JP, to the District Courts across the Land, to the Bankruptcy Courts, to the Supreme Courts in Every State and our Highest Judicial Courts. Enough is ENOUGH.... the TRUTH should Be Relevant in our Courts and Corrupt Judges, Lawyers, and Fraud on the Courts Should NOT be Tolerated.
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I am Dedicated to EXPOSING Court Corruptions, EXPOSING Corrupt Attorneys - Judges and Law Enforcement - Exposing Corruption in the Supreme Court - the State Bar Association and the Fraud in the United States Patent Office. Exposing the Media that Covers Up Court Corruption while Victims Suffer in Silence - NOT Believed or Heard.
Time to STOP Fraud on the Court of the United States of America. Time for your RIGHTS to be upHeld and the TRUTH to Really Be a REAL Defense in a United States Court Room. You Should not have TO Give your Life, your Quality of Life to Feed their Greed, Corruption, Side Deals, Cover Ups and Flat Out Lies. Expose the Court Corruption.
Crystal L. Cox ~ Industry Whistleblower
STOP Corruption