Friday, January 15, 2010

The Cancer Conspiracy - When Does We the People Say Enough is Enough?

Cancer Cures are NOT Secret - Just Illegal

How Long Do We the People Let the FDA Lie about Cancer Cures? I mean thousands upon Thousands have healed themselves of their Cancer and Yet the FDA still says there is No Cure and Jails People who Really are Selling Cures? the FDA has always been above the Law, Above Civil Rights and Can Just Bring Down Economic Terror or Torture at any time with No Due Process at all. And this in the Name of Helping you, of Protecting you and From What?

The FDA wants to Protect you from Herbal Quacks with Gentle Cures. And Why? Because they need to keep big Pharma in Business and you being Sick is their Business. It is Human Torment, Violates our Human Rights - our Civil Rights, They Lobby and make Big Money deals to Keep the Laws and Keep Known Cures - Cheap, Gentle Cures Illegal.

When you talk to friends and Neighbors, and you study centuries of information you see that even the Native Americans had Cancer, there have ALWAYS been Cancer Cures.

the FDA Gestapo Keeping you Down is Not What Is Truly a Free Country. They Keep you in Poisoned with So Called Cures that actually cause more sickness. However it is all worth it becaue you are the Commodity and if we can just keep moving them in and moving them out then we can keep Greedy Corporations in the Money.

The Information of Cancer Cover Ups, Lies About Known Cures, Lies About Cancer Salves - Hoxsey- and Essiac - They hide the Truth and Most people do as they say, which is to remove body parts and radiate.. to take poisons into your body and let them cut on you just to charge you money when you COULD cure your own Cancer without their NON-Proven Cures that actually simply torture you and then Kill you anyway.

When Will the Masses Wake Up and STOP letting the FDA tell them that some pill in a bottle is what they need to do when there are Cures, Known Cures and in Plenty that come right up out of the Earth as Nature Intended. They keep us in fear of Disease which keeps them in the Money and in Control of Us. When the Truth is there is a Cure for Everything and Most of it is not a hundred thousand dollar minimum.

Artery Plaque, Cancer, Arthritis... there is a Cure for all of It... but the FDA Lies to you and you Fear them. And with Good Reason as the FDA ruins businesses, ruins lives and STOPS companies from selling you cures and even Jails guys like Greg Canton. We don't want you to know that Cancer Salves Really Do work, so let's Jail the People selling it.

What Makes the United States God? Other Countries don't Jail Herbalists, there Cures - KNOWN herbal Cures are simply a Matter of Fact and not a Reason to Torture and Jail Citizens - why Does the US, the FDA get to Say there is no Cure for Cancer when Other Countries Know that to be a Flat Out Lie?

And This in the Name of We are a Free Society. Bull.

Stop the FDA Reign of Terror - File Criminal Charges against the FDA. I know the Department of Justice is not listening. But ya know what when will you STOP letting your loved ones be tortured while the FDA lies about Cures. You can Read, they say it is a Hoax, they tell you Natural does not work, well have you talked to the people that it has worked for?

It really is time for Real Health Care and STOP the War of big Drug Companies, the FDA who Protect and lies about them, insurance companies and all the Economic Disaster ... when really there are People who can help you heal, and do it gentle and Natural.

Time to Wake Up... Here are a few Links to Get you Started...
FDA Suppressing the TRUTH
the FDA can Say 1+1=5 But that does not make it TRUE. The FDA lies to you about Cures in the Name of Protecting the Corporate Elite, Time for a Class Action Lawsuit against the FDA, and To Charge the FDA with War Crimes. The FDA is at War with YOUR Body. You are their Stock Commidity and Until you Wake Up to the TRUTH you will continue to be.
FDA Suppressing the TRUTH
There are Tons of ways to Cure Cancer - and the FDA is LYING TO you... Read, Study, Lean, and Think for YourSelf... Knowledge is Power.
FDA Suppressing the TRUTH