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"Hi there! My name is Catherine and I contribute a significant amount of my free time to supporting this amazing organization!
I became aware of the liberty movement in the spring of 2007 but did not dive in head first until the end of that year. The past year and a half has been a whirlwind of rallys, conventions, education, successes, lessons learned and great community.

It was indeed the good Dr. (Ron Paul) who helped me realize that Republicans are not necessarily “bad” and it was his supporters who showed me the beauty and necessity of liberty. While I do consider myself a Jeffersonian Republican (hippie), I firmly beleive that we must stop dividing ourselves by party and united ourselves as Americans!

To give you an idea of the ways in which I participate in the liberty movement "
Catherine Bleish
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Some of the Issues Cat Talks About...

Food Sovereignty

"'" Food Sovereignty is the idea that all people should have access to a dependable and nutritious supply of nourishment close to where they live.
This is the foundation on which a healthy and productive society is formed. Today we suffer from a corporate controlled food industry with ties to the military-industrial complex. Small family farms cannot compete with the government-subsidized mega-corporations who have industrialized the very things which give us life. The struggle for Food Sovereignty is the struggle to return to community self-reliance and cooperation.
Catherine Bleish
Real I.D.
We believe that the Real I.D. act of 2005 violates the sovereignty of the states by imposing mandatory national identification. We believe that a National I.D. violates the Fourth Amendment by infringing on Americans’ right to privacy, and Americans’ property rights.
We believe State Legislatures should reject any connection with the Real I.D. Act. State Legislatures should reject this invasion of state sovereignty by the Department of Homeland Security, an unelected executive department. We believe individual states have adequate power to identify and credential their own citizens.
Catherine Bleish
Smart Port/NAFTA Superhighway
The citizens of Kansas City and Western Missouri have not been provided information about the KC Smartport plans and the North American Super Corridor Coalition (NASCO: also known as NAFTA Superhighway), nor have our representatives been a part of the process.
We believe that the taking of land for the advantage of US and foreign corporations is a direct attack on our liberties and sovereignty. We believe that this large highway, rail and pipeline system will not only be a scar on our land in appearance and pollution, but will increase crime, drug trafficking, and illegal immigration to our city.
All land, currently leased to Mexico and considered Mexican soil in Missouri, should immediately be returned to the people. All plans for the NASCO Superhighway, and the plans to make Kansas City the entrance into the United States for freight, need to be produced for the public and be open to discussion and debate.
Catherine Bleish
U.S. War Policy
Only Congress has the Constitutional legal power to declare war. We agree with our first President, George Washington, that our foreign policy should seek peaceful commerce with all nations and entangling alliances with none.
As such, we advocate bringing home the men and women serving in the Afghan and Iraqi conflicts as rapidly as safely possible.
Catherine Bleish
Intrusive Legislation
(Patriot Acts, Military Commissions Act, Homegrown Terrorism Act, New Born Children Save Lives Act, Real ID Act, NAIS, etc…)

ANY legislation that violates the Constitution and the Bill of Rights is an assault against the civil liberties of Americans and cannot be tolerated in a nation that purports to uphold the Natural Rights of its citizens. For example, the Patriot Act 1 & 2 violate the First Amendment by allowing government agencies to demand that Librarians turn over the booklists and internet records of their patrons without a warrant, and then making it illegal for those library personnel to inform their patrons of the illegal searches.

These acts violate the Fourth Amendment by allowing government agencies to conduct secret illegal searches of homes and property without probable cause and collecting computer files and reading lists, video and magazine collections.

Some of these acts also violate the Constitution by allowing indefinite imprisonment of persons without a lawyer. The accused also may not have the right to face their accuser.
This denial of individuals’ access to courts leaves them in a condition where all due process rights are suspended.
Catherine Bleish
Presidential Executive Orders
We oppose the power of the President to issue executive orders that have the force of law. We see this as a violation of the separation of powers that potentially allows the Executive to unilaterally “legislate” to the detriment of and without regard to the wishes of the citizenry. Under the Constitution, only Congress may make law, and any Congress that allows these executive orders to go forward unchallenged is unlawfully abdicating their authority, directly in contrast to the important checks and balances put in place by the founders.
Catherine Bleish
Right to Keep and Bear Arms – Second Amendment
We believe that the Second Amendment should be strictly enforced, and that all laws that are in conflict with the Second Amendment should be repealed immediately and all persons held, charged, convicted, and incarcerated under these unjust laws should be freed.
To be punished for injuring or menacing someone is one thing, but to be jailed or incarcerated based on merely owning or possessing the wrong type of firearm promotes a hostility towards gun ownership that erodes this vital guarantee of personal liberty and security.
No longer should any free American citizen be restricted in any way from keeping arms and ammunition of their choosing. We advocate full enforcement of laws that hold violent criminals accountable for their actions.

No federal entity, including FEMA, has the authority to confiscate guns even in a “state of emergency”. In fact, a state of emergency is precisely the time when personal firearms are most important.
Catherine Bleish
The United States was conceived as a unified group of independent political “laboratories.” Various states were free to attempt varying and innovative solutions to social and economic problems. This fosters and accelerates growth, and made the Republic one of the most dynamic and competitive political bodies in history. The expansion of federal power has crippled this machine for innovation to the detriment of our great nation.
Catherine Bleish
We believe the “War on Drugs” is an unnecessary intervention by the Federal Government, the same as any other ill-conceived and undeclared war. We believe that drug addiction is a medical issue and should be treated as such. Whereas the Constitution delegates to Congress a power to punish treason, counterfeiting, piracies, and offenses against the laws of nations and treaties, we resolve that all Federal laws concerning drugs are void and any regulation or criminal law in regards to drugs are delegated to the several States.
Since the power to regulate, legalize or criminalize drugs falls to the States, the Drug Enforcement Agency of the Federal Government should be disbanded.
The prisons are full of nonviolent people convicted of Federal drug crimes. Nonviolent drug users and sellers should be released and, if needed, obtain treatment for their addictions. "'

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