Friday, January 15, 2010

Christine C. Anderson - New York Whistleblower Speaking Out Against "Well Connected Attorneys" and "Preferential Treatment"

"John Lovett, the lawyer for the fired lawyer, Christine C. Anderson, told the six-member jury that his client had been fired in retaliation for exercising her First Amendment rights in complaining to court officials that well-connected attorneys received preferential treatment and that the committee had "whitewashed" certain cases. "
Christine C. Anderson, Thomas J. Cahill,

" Christine C. Anderson contended that her June 2007 firing was in retaliation for complaints she made to her superiors at the disciplinary committee that at least nine cases had been handled too leniently because the lawyers being investigated were politically connected or were represented by attorneys who had previously worked for the committee (NYLJ, Oct. 30, 2007)."
Christine C. Anderson, Thomas J. Cahill,
Documents on Court Case
Thomas J. Cahill

Anderson v. The State of New York
Christine C. Anderson
"Former First Department Disciplinary Committee Attorney Christine Anderson's $10 Million Lawsuit Proceeds Against Corrupt Discipline CommitteeIn allowing Anderson to proceed with her retaliation claim, New York District Judge Shira Scheindlin found that her contention that the committee had "whitewashed" as many as nine cases touched upon a subject of public concern and was protected under the First Amendment. Can New York State residents now hope to see the start of an end to the NYS corrupt courts that harm, neglect, and harass the innocent?"
Thomas J. Cahill
"A former staff attorney at the First Department Disciplinary Committee has filed a federal
lawsuit charging she was fired in June in retaliation for complaining that her superiors had
engaged in a "pattern and practice of whitewashing and routinely dismissing complaints against certain select attorneys."

Christine C. Anderson, who had worked for six years at the disciplinary committee, seeks $10 million in damages, claiming retaliation for the exercise of her First Amendment rights and
discrimination because she is of Jamaican origin and black."
Christine C. Anderson, Thomas J. Cahill