Sunday, January 10, 2010

Expose Corruption - Kenneth Rubenstein, Steven Krane, Proskauer Rose, Time Warner Inc., Bruce Sewell, Intel Corp., Gerald Lewin, MPEGLA, and More.

Who is Allowing the Corruption To Continue?

When the Sleeping Giant Awakens the Corruption Will End.

You are the Sleeping Giant ~ Once you Awaken to the Truth, there is NOTHING they can do. When you all truly wake up - they are the Minority and Truth, Justice for ALL and Doing the Right Thing Once Again Becomes Simply Just the Way things Are.

We the People Do have a Voice in saying NO MORE to Corporate Greed, Enough is Enough to Court Corruption and Favortism to Big Legal Firms at the Expense of YOUR life... your livlihood and your very Life. We the People Need to stand Up and STOP all these Elite Super Powers from Being Above the Law, Immune to Human Rights and Seemingly having No Morals or Ethics of any Kind. They will NOT STOP until you NOTICE and say Enough.

We the People Can Begin to Do That by Standing Up for the Iviewit Inventors in this Blatant, Obvious Attorney Protection, Court Corruption, USTPO Fraud, Attempted Murder, and the US Justice System Boldly standing for the Criminal just because they are Billionaires and Have amazing connections and Political Power.

We intend to File in the Criminal Code in Each State and County, with the Department of Justice, within the State and Federal Courts against EVERY criminal In this Blog. All the Tech Companies, Attorneys, Judges ... who have thus far been above the law - they NOW answer to We the People. Time For Accountability at Every Level.

To do this you Do not have to be Part of a Lawsuit, you simply have to be someone that knows the facts. All these guys who have Legally side stepped the Legal System and have controlled the State Bar Associations in Multiple States, these Patent Attorneys Committing Fraud, the Head of the Patent Office, the Intel Boys, all the Attorneys who Lied and Committed Fraud, the Politicians Involved, the Cheneys, Lockhead, MPEGLA, and All the Companies and Individual People, Judges, Attorneys On this Website.

We, in Mass will complain to State Boards everywhere they are licensed, file Legal Complaints that when the "Cleaners" and the Clerks of Court throw them in the ROUND FILE, we then file again For Obstruction of Justice.

In the United States, All Due Process has been Stripped from the Iviewit Inventors. Their Patent was Stolen by their Patent Attorney. The Department of Justice, Supreme Court, Patent Office, SEC, and State Bar Associations involved are doing Nothing About it. They seem to be ignoring this Blatant Crime and Some Courts have even simply dismissed it for no good reason at all. This Attack on Citizens Rights of the United States is nothing NEW, what Can Be NEW is that WE THE PEOPLE make a Stand and Demand Justice, Demand Accountability.

Those who brag about protecting Intellectual property rights, they are No Where to Be Found. You See they only protect the rights of patents they don't want and protect the patent thieves to Legally Get Away with Patenting Other Peoples inventions for their gain.

I understand wanting to Silence, Rob, Kill, and Keep these inventors down... and well Reasons to Ignore the Iviewit Shareholders... you see when the Cheneys, Lockheed Martin, IBM, Intel, Proskauer Rose, and the Biggest and the Richest are involved.. Shutting Up, bankrupting and Quieting the Voice of the Real Inventors, well this is the only way to Stay in Power....

So why not honor contracts, and why not set this right?

Well now they have to "Save Face" and NEVER admit that this really happened, so they will keep Iviewit in Court and Make them jump hoop after hoop, .. Trillions OFF Dollars they have to use in Fighting against the now penniless inventors... well you do the math... Add to it Death Threats, Car Bombings and Economic Terror and well the Power Elite Wins.

We the People Cannot ALLOW this.

Real The Documents on this Site, ( ) Read the Iviewit Site and Blog and if you have time the THOUSANDS of documents at www.Iviewit.TV and you SEE the TRUTH is blatantly being ignored by the United States Justice System in Order to Protect the Power Elite.

Folks These Criminals, these True Evil Doers, these Economic Terrorists and attempted murders.. they answer to YOU.

If you sit Silent they keep doing this to People Over and Over.

We the People must say NO, and one way to do this is Talk about this Story and to Name Names. Reprint anything from this site, please link to and to www.Iviewit.TV And Share this Story of a Trillion Dollar Patent Heist - These Patent Theives, these Corrupt Judges - Corrupt Attorneys and the Supreme Courts that Deny Due Process they NEED to Be Exposed.

Please Share the Iviewit Story on ALL your Blogs and Websites. Post links to documents and Get ALL Eyes on all this Big Corporations for What they have Done.

Expose the New York and Florida Supreme Court and State Attorney Bar for the blatant ignoring of Viable Proven Crimes and Ethics Violations by Attorneys Licensed in their State.

Expose the USPTO, the United States Patent and Trademark Office for their part in Denying these Inventors their Rights. Expose Companies Such as Time Warner Inc. , AOL, Sony, for Contracts they Denied and for VIOLATING Confidentiality Agreements.

Expose Major Tech Companies for Signing Non-Disclosure agreements and for Using Stolen technology with No Compensation for Inventors Rights. IBM, Intel, Sony, and all the Big Players on this Blog - Time to Tell On them. Post These Stories on Your Blogs and Websites and Link Back to Us.

Help Us Expose Corporate Greed, Corrupt Courts, Corrupti Judges, Attorney Favortism and the Power Elite Ruining Lives and Even Killing Inventors to Keep - Use and Profit from their Inventions.

Expose Major Law Firms that have side deals, connections, conflicts of interests and big money to make sure that Real Justice and the TRUTH or the Real Facts of a Case Do not actually even get into court. Stop Favortism among high profile attorneys with Total disregard for the Truth.

Stand With Eliot Bernstein and the REAL inventors of the Iviewit Technology and be a Part of Changing The World. We the People have the Power.

Make videos and talk about any of the names and players in this blog. Tell us anything you know anything about any of the Companies, Judges, Courts, Attorneys on this BLOG, send me a Link - Or Email your "Tip" - the Truth is No longer Taboo, the Truth is what we crave and the TRUTH is what We Seek.

Is this ALL about Money for the Inventors ?

Yes Iviewit Inventors deserve the Patent and The Royalties that Criminals IBM, Intel, MPEGLA and more are reeping the REWARDS from, however it is bigger then that.

If we let them get away with this then which one of you is next?

If your not in the "Club" not one of THE Rich - Powerful - Elite and you invent something GREAT... something life changing .. something they themselves call the Holy Grail... well you are Powerless.. without Money - BILLIONS and Connections Globally - You Never get the Rights to What you Really Invented, and the Shareholders never get what is owed to them for their courage in investing in an Unknown Group of Inventors.

Now with Years upon Year of Proof.. .. business plans .. .bank statements .. letters, emails, court documents... Thousands of Documents proving that all the courts, attorneys, judges involved seemed to just MAKE IT GO AWAY... and so here we are Case Proven COURTS refusing TRUTH - Refusing Due Process and the Rights of the Citizens.

And EVEN with Contracts in Place with Intel, Sony, Warner Bros. and way more that they are denying exist.. still The Department of Justice, the US Patent Office, the New York Supreme Court, the New York Bar Association, the Florida Supreme Court, the Florida Bar Association, the SEC, and all those who govern intellection property.. and the FBI.. how can they all Do NOTHING when the Rights of the Iviewit Inventors and Shareholders have been violated to such an Extreme?

My guess is the Courts are afraid of IBM's Money, afraid of Cheney and Lockheed, afraid of Proskauer Rose.. and the Courts - the Highest law of the land in every state involved and The United States Justices System as Well as Congress and Our New President.. well they are Afraid of these Super Powers.

And therefore Contracts with inventors - this does not matter, the Rights of Shareholders Does not matter, the Quality of Life of the Inventors themselves certainly Does not matter for THEY fear the Power Elite more then Some Guy that they Can Easily Bankrupt, Silence, Put on the Run and Ruin his life so much that Surely he Will Just Shut Up and Slink Away.

Please Post On your Blog, your Website, your Forum and STOP the Power Elite, Stop the Bilderber Cronies, Stop the Above the Law Proskauer Rose. POST their Secrets on your Site and Start a Revolution... one that Says We the People HOLD you Accountable for What you Have Done. We are Watching you, Everyone one YOU involved in this Trillion Dollar Heist and RUINING families, Stealing Lives, and Standing Firm in the Kind of Corruption that Denies Us All Quality of Life, Freedom of Opportunity and Real Justice and Liberty For All.

Take Back Your Country.

Start Now with Standing Firm against the Elitist Tyranny of IBM, Proskauer Rose Law Firm, Intel Corp., Sony, Warner Bros., and all the Tyrants on this Blog ( )

Demand Accountablity from The Department of Justice, the US Patent Office, the New York Supreme Court, the New York Bar Association, the Florida Supreme Court, the Florida Bar Association, the SEC, the FBI and All those your Tax Dollars Pay to Let this Happen to Guys Like YOU...

Eliot Bernstein is just a Guy, he has a Wife and Kids.. a family.. he works toward making this world a better place for all of us and even in the Face of Car Bombs, Economic Terror and 8 years of being put on the run by these Super Powers.

You can still find him on Forums, on Chats, Commenting on News articles and Speaking up to Protect the Iviewit Inventors, To Fight for the Original Iviewit Shareholder Rights, to Fight for his families right for a Real Life again and he Stands Penniless, Tattered, Silenced again and Again... and this is a Stand for All of us in hopes that the Dark Does not Win.

Those who are part of this Trillion Dollar Patent theft, they are Secret Society People, Bullies, Connected to Bilderbergs, Politicians, Connected To Congress, Control the US Patent Office, they are Corrupt Supreme Court Judges, Bar Association that look the other way when Injustice is Served up to those Out of "the Attorney Fraternity". These "Bad Guys" are ruining the Peaceful way of Life that we All Want.

When we make this stand for Iviewit, For Eliot Bernstein - for the Inventors of the Iview Technology and for the Iviewit Shareholders, WE The People Stand and We Say ENOUGH is ENOUGH.

We do NOT stand with the Criminal.
We the People stand with the Victim.

Corrruption in the Courts, Corruption in the US Patent Office, Corrupt Supreme Court Judges, Mega-Rich Technology Companies, Favored Attorneys, and All those allowing this Corruption at every Level - Expose them - Write about them, Tell US What you Know about them, Blog about them ... it is Time for Accountability - Time to Tell the Truth.

The DO NOT Win.
WE the People WIN.

We the People Say No to the Stealing of the Iviewit Patents by the Patent Attorney and his Cronies and we VOW to Fight all those involved.

Fight for Boycotts of ALL Companies, Fight the US Patent Office, Fight that State Courts, the Federal Courts and all who WILL NOT look at this.

For if we do not, then each one of us can be next in line for Set ups, Car Bombs, Jailing, Beating, Theft, and Severe Life Altering Economic Terror.

Read Through
And Check out www.Iviewit.TV

We will be adding more Soon, We will Teach you how to Play by Play File Criminal Complaints against each person and we will Expose each top level Person Responsible for the People under them that Committed this Heinous Crime.

Your Voice is Important.
court corruption
You Can Make a Difference.

Expose the TRUTH on any Player in the Game of Treason, this High Finance Crime Game Seemingly LEGAL in the United States of America. Email me your blog on these people, politicians, courts, patent office or email me your story on These Judges, USPTO Kappos, IBM, Steven Krane, Intel, Bruce Sewell, Brian Utley, Kenneth Rubenstein, Raymond Joao, Roy Reardon, Florida Bar and Court System, New York Bar and Court System, Silicon Graphics, MPEGLA and all those on the that have been involved in this Theft and are STILL actively participating in Sweeping it Under the Rug of Silence ... of Corruption...

Speak Up Folks Join the Iviewit Revolution To STOP those in Power from Keeping us Down, Keeping us Silent, Telling Us to Sit Down and Shut Up, Keeping Us in Court til' we Give up on the Truth or Starve to death .. taking our children with us.

Speak Up and lend your Voice
to STOP this From GOING on ONE Day Longer.

Read the document on this Site and Join as we become Millions Strong of We the People ... Legal Minds ... Bloggers .. People Who Know the Court System .. People who Know How to Make Noise in Congress ... People who Know the Secret of Why this Happen...

We Will be Filing Complaints and EXPOSING All the Companies on this Blog that Let this Happen... So Are Ya In? Post our Stories, Steal my Content - Give us a Link and EXPOSE this Crime at Every Level.
Stop Corruption
Stop Court Corruption