Sunday, January 10, 2010

Filing Criminal Charges Yourself Against Those Who Have Broken the Law.

File Criminal Charges within the Courts against Judges, Attorneys, Companies, Individuals - they Broke the Law. You do not need another corrupt member of the Attorney Fraternity To Represent you To get Justice. They will simply make side Deals and decide behind closed doors what is best for you.

Now whether this is a Real Estate Lawsuit, Criminal Charges against a Judge, Corruption Charges, Charges against an Attorney or whatever Law your situation applies to, you can simply write out a complaint just as an attorney would do, however the folks I have seen do it, Well They Write the Complaint More Better and more Thorough then any Attorney.

If the Court Clerk or Judge Throws away your complaint then they can be charged with Obstruction of Justice.

Filing criminal charges against those who Break the Law is One Powerful Way that We the People can Take Back Our Courts. For far to long Justice has simply been a matter a Judges Opinion, what Attorneys Decide For you and Whose Who in the Situation.

The Law is the Law, and You have a Right To Demand Accountablity.

Also with this You have a Right to a Grand Jury Trial, a Citizens Trial.
The Corruption is So bad that individuals no longer have rights.

I have seen Jury Trials at District Court Level award 1.2 million in Punitive Damage only to have a district judge overturn it and a State Supreme Court back up the Smaller Courts. And with this have received calls that it Cost's $50,000 in My home state for a Supreme Court Decision.

So You have no Justice available to You in the Justice System.... Whether it be your Divorce Hearing, a Protective Order, Real Estate Fraud, Patent Theft, Child Protections, Political Corruption causing you economic Terror or whateve it is that has happened to you... get the facts and file Criminal Charges against the Judges, the Law Firms, the Attorneys involved, the USPTO in cases of Patent Theft, CEO's, Tech Companies and ALL who have Broken the Law.

In the Iviewit Stolen Patent Case Many of YOU can File without being a Party to the Situation. You See if you "Know of Facts" as in my State the law says, then you can file on the behalf of others. Now anyone that Can Read at www.Iviewit.TV has Knowledge of the Facts, this is not Opinion, or the Yammerings of One Man - it is 8 years, thousands of documents and a whole lot of people committing Silent Fraud by Not Speaking out.

You have Corrupt Judges, Supreme Courts letting this Continue, State Attorney Bars Protecting the Attorney ( in this Case the Criminal) and though facts are in surplus and very easy to prove, No Court Will Listen because of the Tech Companies, Billionaires, Supreme Court Judges, Big Law Firms, Political Connections - So You can Sit Down and Take IT or you Can Do something about it within the Codes of the Justice System.

File Criminal Charges Yourself - More Coming Soon.
soon this Site will have all kinds of information on this Topic.