Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Foley Lardner involved in Patent theft in the 80's and the 90's as well as withe the Iviewit Stolen Patent - SHOCKING... the Donald Stone Patent Theft

A case that has been over since late 1998 early 1999. It was a case that dismissed without prejudice, however you know there were pay offs, side deals, Big Attorney Firm Favortism, Court Corruption, and all kinds of behind the scenes Thuggery that Kept Donald Stone from what was rightfully his as a Corrupt Patent Attorney and Cronies Stole his patent, threatened him, bullied him and went on to do this same behavoir to other Inventors over decades.

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Gilbert Sapperstein, While stealing Donald Stone's patent was also involved in stealing 3 1/2 million dollars from the Baltimore School Board, which surfaced in 2005. Donald Stone was not allowed, by the Courts to Give a Victims Statement on what damage was done to him. It seems that the Maryland Courts like Gilbert Sapperstein a whole lot as he seems to have been serving his sentence at home. Also Mark Sapperstein - Gilbert Sapperstein's Son was involved in this patent theft and well, there seems to be no accountability there as well. Stealing Patents in the United States seems to simply be a Sideline that many LARGE law firms have and well the US Courts seem to let them get away with it .. Why?

Gilbert Sapperstein, Mark Sapperstein,Charles Longo, Foley and Lardner and all the other Corrupt Players in the Donald Stone Stolen Patent NEED to be held accountable, why does Maryland allow this, where is the Patent Office in all this Free For All Corruption and Fraud on the United States Patent Office? Does Anyone Care about this Trillion Dollar Illegal Industry that affects Ellections, Stocks and the Rights of American Citizens?

Foley & Lardner were in on the Donald Stone Stolen Patent along with a Maryland law firm and political powerhouse, Miles & Stockbridge who was running a money laundering operation
for a Charles R. Longo and the Sapperstein.

It seems to be quite an addiction for this Big Law Firms, Stealing Patents that is. It seems that have Foley and Lardner, along with Miles and Stockbridge STOLE Donald Stone's Patent, well it is said that Miles & Stockbridge was also caught pulling a variation of the same patent scam on another inventor. It seems once they get a taste for how easy it is to Steal Patents, and how the Patent Office of the United States Does Not Care or Cannot Stop them, nor can the US Courts Seem to do anything, well once they do it once they just Keep on doing it.

It is time that Proskauer Rose, Foley & Lardner, Miles and Stockbridge AND all those involved in this Stealing Patent Scandal Ring TO Be Held Accountable for their Actions.

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