Friday, January 15, 2010

"I am ashamed of how lacking in intellect American doctors are."

"" ... And we, ah, I met with the three top medical doctors in the State ah, government. They were unmoved by science. Every argument they threw up, I knocked down with science. They had opinion. And ah, so, we, then, we got a lot of media from it. We then came back and there were hearings, yesterday.

Ah, there were [NY] Senate Hearings on, with the State, on the swine flu vaccine. Now the whole morning and afternoon they had pro-vaccine people on, talking about how good it is and how it's gonna save lives. I was there from 9:30 yesterday morning and I got a chance to talk at 9 o'clock last night.

Twelve hours after sitting there all day long! And you can't leave because you lose your place in that rotation. I was number thirty-two. And the questions they were asking were just stupid, the panel.

In any case when I got up there ah, I said ah, 'Ladies and gentlemen, please do not personalize what I am about to say, or the energy I am sharing this with you. It's not about you, it's about this system.'

And then I let into 'em ah, using facts, facts upon the fact that there has never been a double-blind, placebo, randomized control study, long-term of any vaccine in history. There's never been a study on what happens when you have multiple vaccines in the body.

There's never been a study on pregnant women, children. Ah, and the four studies on senior citizens showed, zero efficacy, two percent efficacy, ah, five percent efficacy, and nine percent efficacy, which means that it's worthless for seniors.

But, putting a toxin in, I showed how the pharmaceutical industry has had to settle more, I gave them one hundred and thirty-two thousand, thousand legal judgments that the pharmaceutical industries have settled, including price fixing, hiding ah, the truth about dangerous drugs, killing forty-two thousand people with Vioxx [Rofecoxib] and hiding that information.

And yet, with all those lawsuits, with all that damage, it was merely the cost of doing business when they settled. Their stocks went back up and everybody was happy. And I said to the panel, 'only in America could you kill ter-, thirty-two thousand people and get a bonus.'

And then I went through the very companies we're trusting with our lives, ah, our developing fetus' lives, have been serial criminals. These are criminals. These are not decent, ethical, law-abiding people. These are people who are the most disgusting human vermin on the planet. They kill people. They maim people. They do it for a profit. They're unconscionably, ahm, ah, um, lacking in any sense of spiritual value.

And then I tied in the money they had made. I showed the percentage of markups. When one drug it went to Zanax, it went to 537,000% markup. It cost them two cents.

They sell it for $133.20. I said, 'so now, you're allowing a company, companies that have broken the law repeatedly, and my cases don't include cases where settlements that were not disclosed, because the vast majority of lawsuits they settle, you have to sign that you will not disclose the outcome ah, ah, of the settlement. So I only got the ones we could get an amount on. It was over a trillion dollars.

So, here are a group of people who are the worst scum on earth, who lie as a way of doing business, who cause injuries and death, and yet you trust them to ma-, make a healthy vaccine, er, a safe vaccine, an efficacious vaccine.

Then I went into the science. I was reporting from the Cochrane Group [ and and and ].

I gave them a one hundred page article, a scientific review of all the studies showing that vaccines are not safe and effective.

[ ] And that was just on Swine flu and the seasonal flu. And I gave all the studies showing that there is danger. And then I gave the studies on thimerosal. And one of the doctors on the panel says, 'but thimerosal has been shown not to be dangerous.' And I said, 'yes. And who gave you that opinion?

Because I have science.

And I said, 'Anyone in this room, any doctor that would give lead into the body of a patient knowingly would be in jail!

Yet, you give something more toxic than lead, mercury, and you mandate that the person must put it in their body, including pregnant women ah, if they're health care workers in New York, and if not, they lose their job.'

I said, 'so you put a person on a plank.' And I said, 'It's unfair. What you are doing is cruel and unusual punishment.' And I said, 'You all will be held personally responsible in the court of public opinion if this goes south. And it will go south.' And I said, 'look at your studies. There are only safety studies.

If you actually paid attention to your own science shows that in the pregnancy study, any woman who gets a fever at a hundred or above will be excluded from the study.' I said, 'this is insane.' I said, 'if a woman gets the swi-, swine flu or regular seasonal flu vaccine and gets a fever of a hundred it means that the vaccine is causing a reaction, an immune reaction in her body.

So the very people that would give you an honest outcome in a study, you've excluded!

How dare you! I say, 'I challenge all of you, to stop abusing women!' Boy, they all, the women and men on that panel, you know, got all flustered.

And I said, 'yes, you are abusing women as you have throughout the entire history of medicine. You are allowing, ten million women every day, to take synthetic hormone replacement therapy when your studies show it increases heart attack, breast cancer, stroke, and ovarian cancer, and dementia, thirteen percent, minimal, adverse reactions.

That means you're putting one point three million American women, everyday, ah, to be sacrificed on the altar of medical hubris and greed.

I am ashamed of how lacking in intellect American doctors are.

I am ashamed of American medicine having the courage to stand up, actually be courageous for once in their God damned lives and do something that shows they care about something other than their safety, or their position, the ah, continuity of their lifestyle , and their place in the hierarchical order, like a bunch of strutting peacocks!

It's embarrassing.' I said, 'Now, I'll get a lobotomy and come on and debate any of these doctors.' I said, 'you've had doctors all day long. Why didn't you allow me to ask them a question?

Why aren't they here to challenge me on my questions and statements?' I said, I said, 'So you're just acting as a buffer. Let's be honest about it.

You would never have me up here if it weren't for the fact that by law, you're mandated to hold a public hearing. But where am I at?

In an empty room at nine o'clock at night after sitting here twelve hours listening to nothing but half truths non-stop. And remember this, an old Jewish saying, a half-truth is a full lie. And American medicine is nothing, if it is not filled with half truths. From mammograms being required every year from young girls, so they get cancer from the God damn things.'

I said, 'you are an embarrassment to society.'

And I said, 'I intend to be on your butt all the time on this.' I said, 'I have the resources, financial, legal, intellectual, in science, to challenge you in courts of law. Tomorrow, I'll be in U.S. Supreme Court or ah, I'll be in the [NY] State Supreme Court, ah, bringing lawsuits on behalf of nurses because someone has to protect the five hundred thousand public health workers in this state.

It sure is the dickens not going to be you all.' So I said, 'let us not pretend that anything said at this hearing is going to make any difference at all.' That was part of what I said yesterday.

So, tomorrow, today, I go down to the [NY] Supreme Court at 2 o'clock. Friday [10-16-09] there's another big rally out on Long Island, in New Jersey, where we'll be gathering in front of where the governor is lecturing, a former Goldman Sacks alumni top man.

And I'm bringing all the records of how many criminal acts they committed, how many lawsuits they settled when he was a top executive and would have known about it or should have known about it. And this just to show that we give credit to companies, to industries, to professions that they do not deserve.

And I had one of the doctors complain. And I said, 'sir, you show me a single meeting of any medical group in the United States, any medical group. Here are fourteen major medical groups and the, plus the supporting organizations.

Show me a listing of the magazines, the New England Journal of Medicine, Science Magazine, The Journal of the American Medical Association, ah, ah. Show me any article that shows that these individuals are so concerned about the iatrogenesis, the unnecessary death and injuries, that they actually chose to address it, and tried to prevent it, deal with it --- never, nothing, zero, zip, zero.

So once again, you as a physician, you sir, allowed 700,000 Americans to die last year and not a word out of any of your mouths. Shame on you! Shame on every God damn physician in America that doesn't open their mouth! Except to tell the patient, 'go home, take your Prozac, your Zanax, your, your chemotherapy. But where are you in defending the people who are going to be toe tagged with weeping friends and family because you thought you knew what you were doing and you did not.

What is needed in American medicine is humility, not arrogance, compassion, not indifference. So it's time we stood up to American doctors and got in their faces and said grow up you pricks! And I'm that guy that's not going to blink or back off. So, any doctor in this audience call me now and argue with me! Come on! Take me on! Alright? Call up, if you're a physician!

Let's have it out. Let's do a little intellectual rumbling. I'm sick and tired of seeing friends and family and Americans dying and injured because you refuse to acknowledge what you don't know! You talk about being angry? You're damn right I'm angry. You don't like it, screw yah! Come on the air and fight me!

That's it Roy. You got anything to say?

Then put out the number and let's hear what these people have to say to defend themselves and their profession, this 'holier than thou' art and trying so hard to protect the public. And I'll show them disease, damaged, deformed and infirm individuals. If they can't take credit for their mistakes, they should never take credit just for their victories and their successes. I think I've made myself clear. Do you need me to be any clearer? ""

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