Wednesday, January 13, 2010

New York Second Circuit Courts are Corrupt, Above the Law, and No One Cares. Catherine O'Hagan Wolfe, Christine C. Anderson and Iviewit.

Now in the Iviewit Case, we know that this Case is Legally Related to the Christine C. Anderson, New York Whistleblower Case Right?

We know from all the Information, Proof, and Documents on www.Iviewit.TV and on that the Iviewit Inventors have had their Technology Stolen and that the Patent Attorney from Proskauer Rose that is involved in this Trillion Dollar patent Heist seems to be Protected by the New York Courts and the Florida Courts as Well as the New York and the Florida Attorney Bar.

It seems that time after time the Florida and the New York Court of Appeals simply denies due process or just dismisses complaints with no real reason why. And well they are the LAW and they can do that.

The question is How Long will YOU, Will "We the People" take this abuse of power... do you have no rights at all when a Court can just push paper at you year after year with this much proof and evidence.

The New York Second Circuit is Dishing up the kind of justice that will make sured Favored Law Firm Proskauer Rose is Protected as is the Reputation of the Not So Justice Judith Kaye Ex-Supreme Court Judge. Along with this Intel, Time Warner Inc., Sony, MPEG-4, MPEGLA, Bruce Sewell, Kenneth Rubenstein, and More are Protected by the Simple Stroke of a Pen by the New York Second Circuit.

The Christine C. Anderson Whistleblower Case in New York is one that you all need to pay attention to, for decades the TRUTH has been silenced and the courage of Christine C. Anderson needs to be rewarded, and SOMETHING needs to be done. Instead folks like Catherine O'Hagan Wolfe are continuing to deny rights in Related Cases to this huge Whistle Blowing Scandal Exposing the TRUE corruption in the New York Court System.

Whistleblowers like Catherine O'Hagan Wolfe don't seem to stop business as usual at the Second Circuit - Check out the Links below and see if you can make sense of the Continuing to Deny and Keep down the Due Process Rights of the Iviewit Company, the Real Inventors of a Trillion Dollar Technology that we all use every day and have for years upon years while the inventors are kept down, harasses, and have had attempted murder. Still the New York Second Circuit Court is Above Morals, Above the Law and It is Time for You the People To Speak Up and Hold them accountable for the Injustice they are dishing up.

Motion is Denied - Not Based in Fact they Say
Talk about Delusional I Say. Can the Catherine O'Hagan Wolfe and her Clerk not read. This is Seriously Based in Fact, and why the big law firm Proskauer Rose is Being protected and all those covering up this Trillion Dollar Patent Theft are being Protected by the New York Courts.. well it is SHOCKING and time for YOU to start asking Questions.

In the New York - United States Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit - Your RIGHTS are "Moot" - S.D.N.Y. - N.Y.C. 07-cv-11196 Scheindlin, J.

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Thousands of Documents of Proof Literally and the New York Second Circuit Court of Appeals simply, with a sway of the Pen Denies YOUR RIGHTS, your get no due process, you do not get to present you facts, they protect the Criminal and Simply say your Complaint is Not based in Fact and is MOOT... Litterally Thousands of Pages of Proof and NOT Based in Fact Says Catherine O'Hagan Wolfe -

why is New York Second Circuit So Corrupt and Allowed to Keep on Protecting the Criminals ... this Patent Theft is Fraud Against the United States Government, it involves Pay Offs, Attempted Murders, Cover Ups, Contracts not Honored, Perjury and More and the New York Second Circuit thinks it is "Moot" - something is Very Wrong in the New York Court System and the Law is Simply Irrelevant on every level.

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Christine C. Anderson, Catherine O'Hagan Wolfe