Thursday, January 14, 2010

PCAC President John T. Whitely applauds Christine C. Anderson case opening statement focused on corruption and illegality of New York State’s lawyer

New York Second Circuit Court Corruption, Cover Ups, Dismissing Legitimate Claims and Denying Due Process of Trillion Dollar Cases that also involve attempted Murder.


"" October 21, 2009 -- Oct 21, 2009 – New York, NY. Public Committee on Attorney Conduct (PCAC) has issued a statement on the opening of Christine C. Anderson’s case against New York State’s attorney-controlled grievance committees. The litigation before U.S. District Court Judge Shira A Scheindlin in New York City seeks to expose the illegal and unethical conduct of the named defendants, including the leadership of the grievance committees.

Ms. Anderson is being represented by Jonathan Lovett, a noted Civil Rights attorney and Rory Bellantoni, a respected former New York State Supreme Court judge, who recently resigned from the bench to resume private practice.

PCAC President John T. Whitely issued the following statement:

PCAC applauds the efforts of Christine C. Anderson and her counsel, Jonathan Lovett and Rory Bellantoni, as they open their litigation to hold New York State officials liable for conspiring to operate a thoroughly corrupt attorney disciplinary process.
As reflected in Mr. Lovett’s comprehensive opening statement, this court challenge is fully prepared to prove that the New York State attorney controlled grievance committees are managed and controlled strictly by money, favoritism and cronyism. This corrupt system must be terminated and its leaders sanctioned.

Christine Anderson’s attorney, Jonathan Lovett of Lovett and Bellantoni, was quite clear to the jury in his opening statement.“The case you are about to hear is very straightforward. It involves corruption. It involves Whitewashing.”

Christine C. Anderson, a former attorney employed by the Departmental Disciplinary Committee in Manhattan, is providing the court extensive details of the inner workings of the official corruption and malfeasance, which permeates the attorney controlled grievance process. It is this culture of illegality, which was turned against Ms. Anderson, attacked her, and sought to destroy her reputation and professional standing.
Christine C. Anderson good name must be restored, and she must be fully compensated for the serious damages that she has suffered.

PCAC resolutely believes that Christine C. Anderson litigation will become a key part of an ever expanding court reform campaign to terminate the existing attorney-controlled grievance system. Recently, individuals and organizations, including PCAC, have filed statements before the New York Senate Judiciary Committee chaired by Senator John Sampson, which is reviewing allegations of official corruption throughout the judicial system.
These statements have detailed abuses by the grievance committees and officials, including concealment of evidence, obstruction of justice, assault by attorneys, pilfering of estates by attorneys, abuse of power, fraud, conspiracy and repeated abridgements
of Constitutional rights. "
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