Thursday, January 14, 2010

Time Warner Inc. - AOL - Withholding information from Shareholders that they have a Right to Know.

How Come AOL and Time Warner Inc. Shareholders still do not seem to know about the Trillion Dollar, at least in part - and a VERY big part is a Liability on the that is NOT reported on the AOL Time Warner Books?

Here we have Confidentiality Agreements Violated, Technology Stolen from Inventors, No Compensation to The Inventors. Time Warner Inc., AOL - they know that this Shareholder Fraud is Pending and that at some point they will have to pay for the Technology they STOLE.

Does the SEC not Care about a Liability this HUGE... look at or www.Iviewit.TV and you can see thousands of Documents of Proof.

Did the SEC have any advance Notice all all of this?

Well from the Above sites you can see that the SEC did indeed know about what was going on and now the damage is mounting and still Time Warner Inc. - AOL - NYSE: TWX - Time Warner Cable Inc. -Warner Bros. they have Seemingly not disclosed this Liability to their Shareholders, in fact are they not in some sort of "Time Warner Declares Spin-Off Dividend Of AOL Shares Time Warner Inc. and AOL Inc. announced the timing and details regarding the spin-off of AOL from Time" From ? So another words they are restructuring their Company to attempt to protect themselves from this Trillion Dollar Liability without telling the Shareholders of TWX that it even exists.

Is That Legal?

"" Time Warner Inc. - AOL Separation Information On December 9, 2009, Time Warner Inc. completed the spin-off of AOL Inc. "" From the Link Below
Time Warner was Given Notice from Iviewit of this Trillion Dollar Liability and they Separated AOL after this - Folks, there is a Whole Lot More that Time Warner Inc. is NOT telling YOU.

There is No way that Time Warner Inc. Can Ever DENY that they knew the Liability from the Iviewit Stolen Patent, P. Stephen Lamont told them, Eliot Bernstein Told them, People within their own Company told them... there is Evidence on top of Evidence to PROOF that Warner Bros. Hid this Liability information from their Shareholders and denied Rights to the Iviewit Inventors. The Question is How Long with the shareholders stand for this and how long with the SEC Ignore this HUGE Liability that is NOT accounted For?

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