Sunday, January 17, 2010

Time Warner - WBOL - Fraud Against Shareholders, Lies about Liability and NOT honoring Contracts, Why?

Why Did the SEC allow Warner Brothers to Split off Aol after they wre warned of a Trillion Dollar Liability that they would certainly be responsible for Some if not all the Damages?

So We have Bills that Show every Charge for the Entire Process of setting up and Supposedly Executing these Contracts such as the one Below.

2001 08 29 - Irell & Manella bill for AOL license agreement they drafted.

yet AOL was allowed to Split from WBOL, and Warner Bros. Is NOT being MADE to honor these Contracts, Why?

This is FRAUD against the Shareholders as AOL - Time Warner Inc. knew that this Major Liability was NOT accounted for on their Books. So why is Time Warner AOL still ignoring the Rights of the Iviewit Inventors, are they trying to hide assets... no matter how you look at it Time Warner - Time Warner, Warner Bros., WBOL,AOLTW, AOL, Time Warner Inc., Whatever name you have for them... they KNEW and did not share with shareholders a HUGE Debit on their Books.

There is Confidentiality Agreements, and So Much Evidence, All these Names and Players, Contracts, Bills and Still Warner Brothers acts like this Just Does NOT exist... hmmm...

There are BINDING term sheets from 2001 and Still WBOL ignores the rights of those they entered into contract with, WHY?

Warner Bros. Online Videos has NOT been honoring this Contract but using the Technology for around 8 Years now, and after Iviewit Sent them Disclosure of the Issue pending, they Split of AOL, and the SEC has no Issue with this?

Do Warner Brothers Shareholders have ANY issue with any of this ? I Guess they had better Start Considering it's Validity... any Time Now...

Click Here for Contracts and Information from 2001
that Seem to Have Slipped Warner Brothers Mind.

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