Thursday, January 14, 2010

to James B. Comey from Eliot Bernstein of Iviewit - Regarding: Lockheed Martin Use of Iviewit Intellectual Properties

James B. Comey Ignoring Phone Calls from Iviewit - Eliot Bernstein.

James B. Comey, Assitant Stephanie Doherty On April 03, 2009 - Informed Iviewit that James B. Comey of Lockheed Martin Corporation would NOT Take Eliot Bernstein's Calls on a Trillion Dollar Intellectual Properties Infringement Liability Relating to Iviewit Intellectual Property and a Lawsuit Naming Lockheed Martin Corporation as a named Defendant.

James B. Comey, Lockheeds General Counsel has Refused Phone Calls and has Not Responded to Written Requests from Eliot Bernstein on Behalf of himself, the other Iviewit Inventors and the Iviewit Technologies Shareholders.

As Pro Se Counsel, it is Shocking that James B. Comey can Legally, It Seems get away with simply ignoring Trillion Dollar Lawsuits. And refusing sound business practice to resolve the Lawsuit and Intellectual Property Infringements and to Comply with Proper Accountancy Rules and Regulations.

It Appears that Lockheed is another Player in this Trillion Dollar Heist that is, for Some Reason Protected by the US Courts, Why - We are unsure of.

So James B. Comey, General Council of Lockheed Martin Corporation was notified of Intellectual Property Infringement / Cease and Desist and Lawsuit in Writing after a Phone Conversation with James B. Comey's Assistant Stephanie Doherty and James B. Comey Can Simply Do Nothing?

Is this How the United States Justice System Works?

Here is the Document I am Discussing in This Post, Read it all and see that the Proof in the Iviewit Stolen Patent, Patent Infringement, Stolen Technology Case is Overwhelming, and these Corporations can Simply Ignore it.
James B. Comey, Lockheed Martin Corporation

James B. Comey, Lockheed Martin Corporation
More on the Iviewit Stolen Patent at and www.Iviewit.TV
James B. Comey, Lockheed Martin Corporation