Wednesday, January 13, 2010

What happens to the quality of life when corporations come into your town? Nico Holthaus - Chris Valentine Documentary.

Nico Holthaus - Industry Whistleblower - Exposing the Depths

Mill Ave Inc. is a documentary that essentially started when Nicholas Holthaus (known by most as Nico) started taking video footage of bands and venues in the mid-late 90s, when it became apparent that a lot of venues along the legendary Mill Avenue would be closing its doors due to...a lot of things.

Take your pick: corporate muscling, community apathy, myopic planning, copycatting, smoking bans, increased conservative prevalancy, ASU's techno-corporate expansion... "

It seems there was not one singular cause for the disintegration of Mill's culture and liveliness that people everywhere had come to enjoy. Or was there?

Independent Films
Filmmaker Nico Holthaus asks the community, social and cultural leaders of Tempe Arizona what effects corporate America had on the once-vibrant community when it took over Mill Avenue, the "Jewel of Tempe."

Featuring interviews with and music from legendary Arizona acts such as The Gin Blossoms, Hans Olson, Flathead, Dead Hot Workshop, Walt Richardson and many more!

Chances are this is happening in your community too. A must see movie for all Americans, whether you are a CEO, Cube Farmer, Musician, Music lover, Business owner or shopper.

Produced by Nico Holthaus and Chris Valentine.

Stop Corporate Greed. Bring Back What is Real.
Un-Pave Paradise - Pay Attention to What Has Happened
and We the People Stand and REVERSE it NOW !!!