Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Wherever there is Patent Theft, there Seems to Be Foley and Lardner - the Donald Stone Patent Theft and More..

It Seems that Foley and Lardner LLP has a History of Patent Theft
and NOT being Held accountable for it.

Threatening and Bullying Inventors, Seizing Control over Inventions and Pushing Their Agenda onto Inventors seems to Be something that Foley and Lardner has been doing for decades and Foley and Lardner seem to not fear the Law in any way.

It is hard to understand how the US Court System, the US Patent Office and the Attorney Bar has looked away for so long. How does Foley and Lardner stay ahead of the Law, ahead of Accountability and avoid Criminal Prosecution for what they have done to Inventors?

Foley and Lardner having had a Connection in the Republican National Committee Seem to have the Power to Make Patent Theft part of their Standard Business Activity, and seemingly have come to expect that they can get away with it and the Inventors will NEVER be heard. And are just Collaterall Damage to make Foley and Lardner's World Better

It is understandable to Expect that your "Counsel" would Protect your Best Interest, However Foley And Lardner did just the Opposite and was involved in the Iviewit Stolen Patent. And this was year after they had already been EXPOSED for Patent Theft involvement and the Courts Ignored the Inventors Rights, giving Foley and Lardner the Power to continue their Patent Theft, Civil Rights Violation Reign of Terror.

Michael Grebe was head of Foley and Lardner when they became involved acting counsel for the Iviewit Intellectual Property Filings.

Michael Grebe was Chairman and CEO of Foley and Lardner and was partner for 25 years. And then Michael Grebe Goes on to Counsel the RNC, Became President and CEO of the Bradley Foundation - Michael Grebe and The Bradley Foundation are some of the biggest backers of the Bush / Cheney / Rumsfeld Administration.

Michael Grebe, through the Bradley Foundation funds Charles Murray to write more about how blacks are inferior to whites like in his book, The Bell Curve..

Michael Grebe seems to me to be so powerfully connected that anyone at Foley and Lardner would be Protected to Pretty Much Do anything they please and simply know that the RIGHT people would be in Right Places to Protect Their Actions, no matter how illegal or immoral those actions might be.

We Can See from the Link Below that Foley and Lardner has been Connected to Patent Theft for quite some time. The question then becomes is Patent Theft so lucrative that it is affecting the Political Process, the Administration and has a Role in or influence over Big Government?

If Michael Grebe was Head of Foley and Lardner and these things were going on, How much did he know? What did he condone or allow and How Much was he involved in this Patent Theft Business that Foley and Larder seemed to be in?

Michael Grebe had to know of the Patent Thefts and not just their involvement in the Trillion Dollar Iviewit Patent Theft but in Patent Thefts, and Inventor Harassment and Criminal Activity for Many Years Prior... Such as the David Stone Invention Stolen...

"" Oct. 15,1993 Gilbert, Mark Sapperstein, Longo, Procter and Robert WarfIeld Sr. acting in
concert with the three law firms Miles & Stockbridge, Foley & Lardner and Williams
Hammond, Shockley, Moore & Harrison seize control of DSII and threaten to have Stone
arrested on unspecified criminal charges if Stone doesn't capitulate to their extortion attempt.""

Big Law Firms, Politicians, Big Money, HUGE Corporations SHOULD not be above the Laws of the United States of America and SHOULD not be above basic rights and human dignity.
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