Saturday, January 16, 2010

Yakima Washington Whistleblower, Yakima City Council

"Several decades ago a private individual started with nothing, worked very hard, was extremely frugal, made many sacrifices, and thought into the future. Among other efforts, he bought a scrubby piece of rocky land next to the Yakima City dump in a marginal area of low land values. He often described that land decades in the future, while others could not understand his vision.

Much hard labor went into that land. Time passed. Things changed. Now the potential of the property is obvious to those with less vision.

So the Yakima City Council members, perhaps insatiably greedy to the core of their souls, in their official government capacities, as is common for normally corrupted government sorts holding petty power, crave the land. They want it for the City, perhaps so the Council members could say to the voters: "See what we have given you. We are therefore generous. You should respect us, praise us, and vote for us again."

In America and other reasoning societies, we have developed the system to logically facilitate such cravings. It is called the private enterprise system. If you want someone else's property, you can buy it. Therein you trade the value of your efforts for the value of his efforts. Is that not both fair and wise? We even gave government an advantage. They can lawfully condemn the property for a proven public necessity, and pay the fair market value, in case a property owner does not want to sell the land for the public purpose. Is that not fair and wise for public necessities?

Because the Yakima City Council members obviously craved the land, the owner in this case offered the land to the City at an impartially appraised value, so no costly condemnation process would be required. But the Council members did not want to pay for it. They typically wanted to use raw government power to seize the land, or first damage its value, as usual for power-damaged minds. The insatiable greed of government personnel is created by their petty power, as all examples prove throughout human history.

Common-sense people acquire that which they can afford, from what they earn by honest work. In contrast, routinely corrupted government personnel look beyond what they can afford, and seize it with raw power of government, then use that thus greater power to seize more. Power is insatiable, by design.

The type of government officials who use raw power of office to seize whatever they want, commonly chase away investors and other such intelligent people. Such government officials are the primary reason that areas of otherwise capable people become economically depressed, and remain so.

Would you or any other intelligent person invest any more than an existence level of money and labor where the government leaders will lie, cheat and steal, to seize the fruits of your labor if you work hard enough to excel? Well? What is your answer? What is the obvious answer among other investors and intelligent people?

Who would invest or have any incentive to work hard in Yakima Washington, after the Mayor stated on record that the Council changes the rules to punish those who obeyed the rules, and another Council member stated on record that the Council rules by legislative fiat (therefore above the laws protecting the rights of the citizens), and then the Council not only did precisely that, but did so with the malicious actions of an expensive tax paid lawyer and pocket court judges, to damage a citizen who sought to graciously assist the government and the people of Yakima? Well?

What is your answer?
What is the obvious answer among other investors and intelligent people?

Small minds in government, who do not respect the hard work and honesty of private citizens, chase honest and intelligent people who work hard, to where they are more welcome. You may identify in this case a government that will lie, cheat and steal to get what it wants, at great damage to their community, by those verified descriptions.

Amusingly, the government chaps did not have to do so, as usual, identifying what will happen to your mind if you are so foolish as to become what the Yakima City Council members and their court judges became, before you learn how to resolve the contradictions they created and attempt to sustain.

As long as the people of Yakima are too busy, too lazy, or too ignorant to replace their corrupt local government and court personnel, or as long as they enjoy maliciously attacking the rights of each other, as do ignorant people, the people of Yakima will derive less social benefits than more intelligent people in other areas, who select common-sense government officials who respect the rights of the people.

The people of Iraq, Afghanistan, North Korea, Cuba, Liberia and such countries offer more dramatic examples of citizenries who were first too lazy or too ignorant to select honest people for their government, and then as a direct result of condoning the methodical escalation of government power, dared not even attempt to do so, for fear.

But the gradient of that phenomenon is well represented in the United States, such as in Yakima Washington where threats of torture are now used to silence the respectful expression of the principles of law that protect the rights of the people, in courts of law, much to the amusement of Iranians and others reading about the United States on the internet. The Yakima City Council and Washington State Court personnel offer a superlative learning vehicle for young Americans, and others.

Like the airline industry and other institutions who spend a lot of obviously misdirected money advertising their rhetorically excellent services, then leave their customers on hold for 20 minutes, on the phone, the Yakima Chamber of Commerce businessmen and such adults who obviously waste money trying to attract economic activity to Yakima, literally cannot comprehend the concepts of this website.

What is the result of attracting people to what they then discover is a lie? Your answer? What is the controlling contradiction? Would you not be sufficiently intelligent to first spend your time and money to correct the lie, to thus produce the result that does not require you to spend money advertising what is otherwise a lie? Adults literally cannot figure out the correct answer to that question, as those in Yakima so illuminate"