Thursday, February 11, 2010

Christine Anderson, Senator John L. Sampson, Thomas Cahill, US Federal Whistleblower Lawsuit

US Federal Whistleblower Lawsuit - Anderson v The State of NewYork, et al.

Letter from Eliot I. Bernstein, Founder and Inventor - I-view-it Technologies to Senator John L. Sampson Chairman and to ALL members of the New York Judiciary Committe.

Oct. 2009

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... US Federal Whistleblower Lawsuit (07cv09599)
Anderson v The State of New York, et al.
Criminal Allegations Requiring
Senator John L. Sampson's Immediate Attention.

In Judge Shira A. Scheindlin's US Federal Court Whistleblower Christine C. Anderson Reveals a "Cleaner", Naomi Goldstein, at the New York Supreme Court Appellate Division
First Department ETHICS Committee allegedly Whitewashing Complaints for US Attorneys, DA's and more.

Inventor Eliot Bernstein's Family Minivan Bombed in US Patent Office Fraud files Twelve Trillion Dollar RICO Suit legally "related" by Judge Scheindlin to the Whistleblower case (08-4873-cv US Court of Appeals Second Circuit) and US District Court (07cv11196).

Where was the Press through all this, not a single report in over five years regarding a Car Bombing so powerful it blew up three cars next to it in Boynton Beach Florida and not a single press story?

Where was the Press for the Whistleblower revelations of Whitewashing of Complaints by the New York Supreme Court for US Attorneys and District Attorneys, a Cleaner at the Ethics Department that regulates Wall Street Lawyers? ....

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