Sunday, February 7, 2010

Do the MAJOR Companies,Banks and Judicial Branches monitor the Blogsphere in ANY way?

Do those who monitor High Finance Monitor what Bloggers are Saying? Or is this Blog thing just taken as Whooper Snappers yammering about Nothing that anyone is really paying attention to?

I mean how can Warner Brothers, Intel, Sony and all the companies involved in the Iviewit Stolen Patent Case, How can they ignore all the Documents and all the proof and what do these companies say when the Shareholder says Who is Crystal L. Cox ?

Do they say some disgruntled employee of someone, do they say oh that is just a blog it's not real... and do the Shareholders really believe this... are the Shareholders to simply Believe what paid for controlled Media - Big Media Companies have to say on the Topic and to ignore an Investigative Blogger Such as my self?

The really odd part is the www.Iviewit.TV information has been piling up over 8 years, it is not new information and it is Court Documents, Internal Documents and so much proof that 6 year old could find Convictions Left and Right and See that it is High Time the Inventors and Iviewit Shareholders were due their Rightful Compensation.

The Iviewit Stolen Patent story is not my story, it is just one story our there of many Court Corruption Stories, the thing is when I start to post on a story - I simply want as much information out there as I can find to get the story told. My blog on the iViewit Stolen Patent Story is at AGAIN not my story.. just my blog... I had never heard of Iviewit until the beg. of Dec. 2009.

I just don't get why these major companies are not watching BLOGS - for Blogs are TRULY the Real News and No One SHOULD discount them as just a Soapbox of some Yammering Fool...

Does Wachovia or the SBA Care about the Iviewit Stolen Patent Story?

It seems to me that these big companies stand to lose alot, and that you shareholders could lose everything, just in my opinion of Course. So why is no one monitoring the Internet for the Thousands of Documents of Proof on Fraud on the Courts, Fraud againts the USPTO, or what Warner Brothers Inc. is up to ?

Does know one care about the Liability that Intel Corp has created?

Where is the SEC in all this?

It seems to me, and again I surely don't know much about the world of High Finance ... but I do know How to Read and well... the Blatant Corruption, Fraud, Set Ups, Attorney Favoritism, Fraud on the Courts, US Patent Office Fraud, and the amount of money that these guys are covering up illegal activity on ... well it is Shocking.

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