Friday, February 12, 2010

Headlines Say "encouraging fourth-quarter financial results" Claimed by Warner Brothers.. are You Kidding?

What About the Iviewit Trillion Dollar Shareholder Liability ?

Is Jeffrey Bewkes, Tim Armstrong, and Wayne Smith of Warner Bros. Going to Continue to Ignore the Blatant Shareholder Fraud and the Liability that has been created by the Iview it Stolen Patent Case ? Where is

What if Time Warner is NOT Telling Shareholders about a Trillion Dollar Fraud, even if it was a Remote Possibility ? Who is in Time Warner's Pocket that they think they can continue to ignore this blatant attack on Shareholder and NOT even Mention it?

Where is the SEC, What Does the FBI Say.. What has SEC Chairman Mary Shapiro to Say about all this.. is she even Listening.. or will it be like the Standford Billions LOST to YOU innocent Investors... and she will seem to act like she had no warning.. .. which is NOT true when Eliot Bernstein, iViewit - gave warning to the SEC years ago.

Had the District and Federal Courts paid attention then.. the Allen Standford Fiasco Would Not be Going On. And now years of Warning of Shareholder Fraud ... with Warner Brothers and AOL and Again no one Speaking for Innocent Shareholders, Why NOT..

Click HERE to See FBI, SEC Complaint Against AOL - Warner Brothers.

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How Great Time Warner is Doing Financially.. What?

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