Saturday, February 13, 2010

Immediate Attention to TWX, AOL, Warner Brothers, and Time Inc. Shareholders. SEC Complaint Against AOL,TWX, Time Warner... Pay Attention.

Eliot Bernsteing of Iviewit Technologies Filed and SEC Complaint Regarding Time Warner, Jeffrey Bewkes, Wayne Smith and YOUR MONEY...

This Complaint Alleges and Seems to Prove Massive Shareholder Fraud, and Could Lead to a Total Financial Collapse of Time Warner and AOL.

"" Time Sensitive Urgency to this Complaint; Potential Catastrophic Effects to the Shareholders of Warner Bros et al.; Fraud could Trigger Rescissory Shareholder Rights

To further establish the urgency and Time Sensitive nature of this FORMAL COMPLAINT, please note that the criminal fraud and other crimes described herein will likely trigger Rescissory Rights of Shareholders at all of the respective and related companies of Warner Bros et al., which likely will have Catastrophic impact on both the companies and its Shareholders.

Therefore, the SEC must instantly investigate these matters and instantly bring the matters to the attention of the Warner Bros et al. Shareholders, Auditors, Financial Institutions and all other parties with potential liabilities resulting from the allegations herein and whereby if the companies and their Executives fail to notify Shareholders and Regulators, the SEC must act quickly to notify them.

The SEC must begin immediate investigation of the Securities Frauds described herein and prevent ongoing and future fraudulent corporate transactions from further harming Shareholders of Warner Bros et al.

Further, I point out to the SEC herein what looks like a recent pattern of Shareholder Fraud and Deceit done with Scienter, beginning on or about March 2009, by Officers, Directors, Counsel and Auditors for Warner Bros et al., which are alleged to have been done in order to commit further fraud upon the Warner Bros et al. Shareholders. That these recent corporate restructurings may be the result of Key Executives of Warner Bros et al. attempting to abscond with corporate assets through a series of recent complex corporate breakups.

The breakups began immediately after I contacted Warner Bros. in March 2009 with my business consultant Kevin Hall, Esq. (“Hall”), regarding massive unreported liabilities to their Shareholders[4].

Liabilities resulting from Warner Bros et. al’s involvement in my Twelve Count Twelve Trillion Dollar Federal RICO and ANTITRUST Lawsuit and additional liabilities resulting from the knowing infringement of my Intellectual Properties and for their failure to report these liabilities under FASB No.5 and other laws.

This Formal Complaint for Investigation of Warner Bros et al. on this day, Friday, February 12, 2010comes after Hall and I made repeated Good Faith attempts since March 2009 to address the Business and Corporate Responsibility issues with Executives, Officers, Board Members and Auditors at the respective companies.

Warner Bros et al. was contacted in order to find possible solutions to avoid catastrophic events from occurring to their Shareholders, if possible, prior to further actions with investigators, including the SEC.

The following timeline of events will establish the correlations between the allegations of fraud described herein, in relation to the timing of the corporate restructurings of Warner Bros et al. Correlations in time with both the 2001 merger and now in the 2009 breakup with the frauds described herein, will provide the SEC a basis, mired in factual evidence, to begin immediate investigation of this complaint for massive securities fraud, in order to protect Shareholders from further possible related losses in these highly traded blue chip stocks. ""

Full Warner Brothers, Jeffrey Bewkes SEC Complaint Click Here

Who is Looking out for AOL and Warner Brothers Shareholders? Well we know it is not Mary Schapiro of the SEC.