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Intel Corp. Named in New SEC Complaint by Iviewit Technologies - Paul Otellini - Bruce Sewell

Intel Corp. - Paul Otelleni - Bruce Sewell,
Major Shareholder Liability Pending

· March 06, 2009 Iviewit Letter of Liabilities to Intel

· March 25, 2009 Iviewit SEC Complaint Filed

· September 15, 2009 Apple Press Release ~
Intel Counsel Bruce Sewell
departs Intel to Apple

· January 16, 2002 The Register “SGI transfers 3D graphics patents to MS [Microsoft]

Intel Capital Rajiv Goel indicted by SEC and Intel Corporation is a defendant in my Federal RICO and ANTITRUST Lawsuit.

· Intel Capital Rajiv Goel, a managing director at Intel Corporation has been implicated by the SEC in the Galleon Complaint.

o The SEC should take note that one of the first people on the scene at the time of the Iviewit inventions was a one Hassan Miah (“Miah”), who signed NDA’s while analyzing Iviewit as an Investment for EarthLink founders Sky Dylan Dayton and Kevin O’Donnell.

Hassan Miah had worked at the Intel / Creative Artist Agency (“CAA”) Multimedia Lab prior to involvement with Iviewit and upon viewing the inventions, called them the “Holy Grail” of the Digital Imaging and Video world, including the Internet. Later Miah again joined Intel at Intel Capital.

From Hassan Miah’s Biography @ Digital Hollywood , I quote,

Hassan Miah is the former Managing Director of Intel Capital, where he led worldwide media and entertainment investments.

Today, he remains an advisor to Intel Corporation’s Digital Home Group, which is responsible for the company’s global consumer PC product line.

He is also the former head of New Media for CAA, one of Hollywood’s leading entertainment and talent agencies. While at Intel, Mr. Miah led such media related investments as Bellrock Media, Synacor, Zinio, Black Arrow, Clickstar and Gametrust.

At CAA, Mr. Hassan Miah established and headed the CAA / Intel Media Lab, the first significant collaboration between Hollywood and a major technology company, and helped form Tele-TV, a joint investment by NYNEX, PacBell and Bell Atlantic to provide interactive video television services over phone lines. Before joining CAA, Mr. Miah was a Management Consulting Partner for KPMG LLP, specializing in media and entertainment transactions.

At KPMG, he helped structure such transactions as the sale of MCA Universal Studios to Matsushita, the sale of Geffen Records to Universal and Polygram’s acquisition of A&M Records.

Hassan Miah also has extensive operating/managerial experience having developed and sold companies in the digital media sector during his career, e.g., after creating the first consumer MP3 recording software, Mr. Miah successfully sold Xing Technology Corp. to Real Networks at a 10x multiple from when he joined the company less than two years after becoming CEO.

Hassan Miah is a CPA and received a B.A. in Business from the University of Michigan and a M.B.A. from Stanford University’s Graduate School of Business.”

o April 27, 1999 letter from Richard R. Rosman, Esq. to Hassan Miah regarding the Iviewit inventions and Proskauer Rose Partner Rubenstein’s opinion on the technologies.

Note that Rubenstein and Miah know each other through MPEG and Miah’s former employer XING. Immediately after learning of the Iviewit inventions, Miah sold XING to Real Networks as indicated above.

o June 01, 1999 – Donald G. Kane, Managing Director at Goldman Sachs letter regarding Hassan Miah and Miah’s letter requesting to speak to Rubenstein.

o Roomy Khan, a convicted felon and former Intel employee is pleading guilty in the Galleon case and the relations between Iviewit and Intel are already described herein.

Robert W. Moffat, Jr. ~ Senior Vice President, Integrated Operations at IBM Corporation.

· The SEC should note that IBM is a Defendant in my Federal RICO and ANTITRUST Lawsuit.

March 25, 2009 SEC COMPLAINT
Real 3D, Inc,, Intel, Silicon Graphics and Lockheed Martin

Full SEC Complaint Click Here
Read the Details that YOUR Intel Corp. Executive Having Been
Keep from you the Shareholders of Intel... and they have been
Failing to Disclose this Major Shareholder Liablity for Quite Some Time.

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