Thursday, February 18, 2010

Intel Executives have KNOWN of the Trillion Dollar Iviewit Liability to Shareholders - for Years

Intel Corp. Knew Long Ago of a Trillion Dollar Liability - they have Since Told No One or Admitted to anything, and the Intel Stocks falsly climb as CEO Paul Otellini continues to brag on any media outlet that will listen about HOW great ... financially that Intel. Corp is Doing...

CEO Paul Otellini knew long ago of the Pending Doom to Shareholders with the Major Liability of NOT honoring Contracts with the Iviewits Technology and being a Part of a Trillion Dollar Patent theft in the Process.

When Intel is forced to face the Truth, as in the "over a thousand" documents are www.Iviewit.TV - and the US Courts Stop Condoning the Previous Corruption that ensued with the Iviewit Stolen Patent Scandal, well the Intel Shareholders will then be faced with Massive Shareholder Loss, and How many Years did the Intel Executives Know of this liability and Not Disclose this Extremely IMPORTANT information ?

At the Time of the Iviewit Scandal, and Inventor's Rights SMACKDOWN... Durward Bruce Sewell was General Counsel at Intel Corp. Bruce Sewell is Now at APPLE as their General Counsel. There is and has been PROOF for years of Bruce Sewell 's Knowledge in What Intel Did to The Iviewit Inventors, and D. Bruce Sewell seems to have done Nothing about it.

Who Protected Intel in the Courts? What Judicial Officials allowed this to Happen? Where is the SEC, the Department of Justice, the FBI, and the USPTO on this one. There is tons of documented evidence, there are Legally Related to the Case whistleblowers and tons of Evidence but no justice seems to be stepping up... why is this... ??

Well I a not sure, but I do know FOR SURE that the TRUE Iviewit Inventors will NEVER give up, and this case of Serious Injustices will NEVER go away, so your Intel Stocks may not be at Risk this Second, but they will be AS some Honest Judge, Honest Attorney, Honest Court ... Somewhere... sometime .. will Tell the TRUTH and Honor the Laws of this Great Country and Intel Corp. Will have to Come Clean on a Trillion Dollar Liability they Deliberately failed to disclose for over 8 years and counting....

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Iviewit Technologies Regarding Intel's HUGE Liability and
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