Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Is Stephen Lamont, Former Alleged CEO, of Iviewit Conspiring with Foley and Lardner, the USPTO and other Players in the Iviewit Stolen Patent Case ???

It is Simply To Hard for Me to Wrap my Brain around the Actions of Stephen Lamont.

I Could not Figure out what possible Motive Stephen Lamont could have to Attempt to Discredit My Blog Postings and to Discredit Eliot Bernstein, when the Information on the Web from those two sources would only benefit P. Stephen Lamont up until he Threatened Me.

I just could not understand why Stephen Lamont would DEMAND that I remove Posts with his name, when those Posts were information from the www.Iviewit.TV Website that he links to in his every email, seemingly. and in which he seems to promote on the Internet with his my Space page and other online outlets of promotion.

So Why in the World would Stephen Lamont Threaten Me and Tell me to get My Affairs in order while I still can.. ?? and demand that I change my Blogs.. ?? when the Facts of the Story came from www.Iviewit.TV in which he promotes ?

It Simply Did not Make Sense to me.

In trying to figure out Why P. Stephen Lamont is Aggressively Demanding and Threatening me Now after 2 months of Blogging about the Iviewit Stolen Patent, and after the information has seemingly been on the Internet for over 8 years... I just had to Look Deeper...

I found myself needing to know more, and asking myself who is Stephen Lamont working with, why NOW?, what changed?

Did someone contact him and tell him to play big shot CEO and try and scare me with Demanding and Threatening Emails?

Did Stephen Lamont get orders from the USPTO - Foley and Lardner or some other Play in the Iviewit Stolen Patent Case?

P. Stephen Lamont is obviously a very smart man and surely saw me covering this story for around 2 months so far. Right ?

A guy who claims he wants to take over video.. blah .. blah .. blah.. online and the world this and that.. Surely he saw my Blogs, surely he looked into who and what I am about.. and Surely Stephen Lamont did not all of the Sudden wake up to my Righteous Stance on the Behalf of the Iviewit Shareholders, and the Iviewit Inventors ... On February 4th 2010, The day he was in Such a Stir about the email that Eliot Bernstein Sent out.

So Why did Stephen Lamont launch Demands and Threats on Crystal L. Cox, Investigative Blogger - when I was and have been for two months... out to Defend HIM, the company he was supposedly CEO of, and him getting his rightful compensation for the Iviewit Shares in which he deserves, Along with the Inventors and other Shareholders of the Iviewit Technologies Inc. ????

It seems to me that Stephen Lamont is running a Bluff at me, possibly for Someone Else. It Seems to Me that P. Stephen Lamont wants this "Hillbilly Blogger" to believe he has powers that he does not have in a Company which he is no longer a part of other then being a Shareholder as many other Shareholders....

Kind of makes you wonder who P. Stephen Lamont is Really Working for... could it be one of the Billionaire Tech Companies - Billionaire Law Firms or ?

I mean if the Tech companies can afford Millions on Top of Millions - in Anti-Trust Violation fines every year, often every Quarter and the Law Firms such as Proskauer Rose can pay 1.5 million as a minimum a month in rent in once location and they are Global..

These Companies involved in this Trillion Dollar Stolen patent.. they have some serious money.. why not use some of it to try and Run a Bluff on some Woman.. by sending in someone with a big Fancy CEO Title of the Company your Talking about to discredit the very people you have been defending for 2 months so far.. Why not Send in someone I may think is the CEO - or somehow I may think is in Charge of the Iviewit Company?

Surely this will Shut me UP.. Right?

and If that don't Work well Stephen Lamont
will just Threat to End my Affairs...

So Again Why NOW.. ???

this information on my Investigative Blogs
is Public Knowledge, it is in the Courts, in the News,
and all over the www.Iviewit.TV website.. so why now?
Why Me?

Maybe, Possibly, Just speculating here .. maybe the Super Power Elite told P. Stephen Lamont that the Iviewit Inventors would NEVER get their rights and the SHAREHOLDERS will never get paid, however maybe he could get something out of the deal.. just speculating here..

Maybe .. just maybe someone offered P. Stephen Lamont Money to work on the other side and make it look like he was working for the best interest of the Iviewit Shareholders and the REAL Iviewit Inventors.

But anyone with a brain can see that currently Eliot Bernstein and P. Stephen Lamont are not quite on the same page, so why would I think that P. Stephen Lamont could speak for Eliot Bernstein or the Iviewit Technologies Company.

If P. Stephen Lamont is disputing the information I posted, and that in which contains his name then why does every email to every person he emails and his resume, and his My Space Page contain the www.Iviewit.TV website ... as if it is his site, he is proud of it and Well ... Gee.. Hmmm... I got the information from that site and linked to the source...

So What is Really Going on with P. Stephen Lamont? Who is P. Stephen Lamont Talking to and on Whose Authority his he Demanding anything of me?

Well I can Tell you that Right After I posted this post.


A Story of Intrigue and Suspense Unfolded Before my Eyes.. and Not Just the Threats and Demands from P. Stephen Lamont, but also of Who he Told, where they were and What Connections and Fingerprints he left along the way..

Well .. My Stat Counter Told me a Story .. that I feel I must Share..

I feel from My Own Personal Experience in Analyzing my Stats over the Years, and in my Opinion that once P. Stephen Lamont Seen the Above Post... he then Contacted the USPTO, Foley and Lardner, Orrick Herrington & Sutcliffe, Duval & Stachenfeld, Steven C. Becker and
"Crystal L. Cox" Lamont
Well Click Here and Read the Story...

posted by Investigative Blogger
Crystal L. Cox

More information on the Trillion Dollar Iviewit Stolen Patent
at www.DeniedPatent.com and at www.Iviewit.TV
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Crystal L. Cox

Crystal Cox