Thursday, February 11, 2010

Iviewit Stolen Patent Case - On What or Whose Authority is P. Stephen Lamont Acting On?

Why is Stephen Lamont Threatening to End the Affairs of Investigative Blogger Crystal L. Cox? Why is Stephen Lamont Demanding that I Copy him on my emails to anyone regarding the Iviewit Company?

Why in the World would Stephen Lamont Threat my Life, and my "Affairs", just because I posted a document and words THAT were NOT mine... ???

Does Stephen Lamont have the Legal Authority
to Speak on behalf of the Iviewit Company?

Can P. Stephen Lamont Legally File Federal Documents to QUASH Eliot Bernstein's Motion .. when Mr. Lamont was Fired, Long .. Long ago ?

Iviewit, Eliot Bernstein Says:

" Lamont was not approved by any board, as the board disbanded illegally and without noticing the shareholders and so I hired lamont and offered him stock in the company. Later we learned from Garber and other law firms that we could not act on behalf of Iviewit in official capacity until the books and corporate records were fixed, approximately 50k and that is why lamont claims he was advised by counsel to work outside the company and not as an officer, as he legally was never an officer."

More on Iviewit.. and Lamont

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Investigative Blogger
Crystal L. Cox

Industry Whistleblower

This is not My Story .. it is However, the Greatest Patent Story every Told, and well I find it intriguing So I post about it.. I Found the Information on www.Iviewit.TV where the story has been running for 8 Years.

I link to that site in Which Stephen Lamont also promotes.

SO why threaten me for posting information from that site and directly from the REAL owner .. and one of the Inventors of the Iviewit Patent.. Why Terrorize me for simply reading a Website and posting pieces of it on my site and linking to the site...??

Why has, P. Stephen Lamont, an Alleged Former CEO of Iviewit Technologies Inc. Threatened me for posting information that is not mine.

And it is Reported to ME that Stephen Lamont has Joined and or Created a Hate Group, and is actively recruiting others to join him in this group that is threatening to Incarcerate me, Burn Me at the Stake, Ruin Me, and Telling Lie upon Lie about me.. and my Business.. all because I Posted Excerpts from the Iviewit Website.

I just don't Understand. I have no Bad intentions.
I am simply writing about an 8 Year Old Stolen Patent Story
that is and has been already on the Web for 8 years....

Not my Story...
I am Just a Modern Day
Investigate Journalist.. which means
I Read..
I Post...
that Simple..

More on the Iviewit Stolen Patent Case at and at www.iViewit.TV

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