Saturday, February 13, 2010

Jeff Bewkes - Time Warner Named in SEC Complaint by Iviewit Founder and Inventor Eliot Bernstein.

Jeffrey Bewkes, AOL, and Time Warner
Named in SEC Complaint

" April 27, 1999 letter from Richard R. Rosman, Esq. to Hassan Miah regarding the Iviewit inventions and Proskauer Rose Partner Rubenstein’s opinion on the technologies. Note that Rubenstein and Miah know each other through MPEG and Miah’s former employer XING. Immediately after learning of the Iviewit inventions, Miah sold XING to Real Networks as indicated above. "

Click here for SEC Complaint Naming Proskaur Rose LLP

" This FORMAL OFFICIAL COMPLAINT is filed with the Official SEC Complaint Intake Email Address: & and also filed with all investigators or committees the letter is addressed to, please make this Formal Complaint a part of all ongoing investigations or committees’ records regarding Iviewit companies and Eliot I, Bernstein, Inventor.

Re: Official Formal Complaint sent by Official SEC Email and Official Email Addresses to Other Investigatory Agencies and Committees addressed herein, Against Warner Bros. Entertainment, Inc., AOL Inc. and Time Warner, regarding Trillion Dollar alleged fraud on Shareholders; FASB No. 5 and other SEC, accounting violations and Violations of State, Federal and International Laws; Rescissory rights of Shareholders; Evidence and Important Information for the SEC regarding ongoing SEC Investigations of Bernard L. Madoff, Marc S. Dreier, Allen Stanford, Proskauer Rose, Galleon Enron Broadband, Enron, Arthur Andersen, and more.
Complaint filed against, including but not limited to;

Warner Bros. Entertainment, Inc.
Chairman and CEO: Barry M. Meyer;
President and COO: Alan F. Horn;
EVP and CFO: Edward A. Romano;
Vice President and Chief Patent Counsel: Wayne M. Smith

AOL, Inc. Chairman and CEO: Tim Armstrong; General Counsel and Executive Vice President, Corporate Development: Ira Parker; Assistant General Counsel - Patent Litigation, Prosecution, and Licensing: Christopher Day; Executive Escalation Team: Jerry McKinley
Time Warner, Inc. Chairman and Chief Executive Officer: Jeffrey L. Bewkes; Executive Vice President and General Counsel of Time Warner Inc.: Paul T. Cappuccio "

Source of Post and Full SEC Complaint Click HERE

Where is Mary Schapiro ?
Is the SEC listening to this Blatant Shareholder Fraud?

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