Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Let's Take another Look at Why Richard Chimberg of CL-Media Relations wants my post with Neuberger Berman information changed.

Richard Chimberg of CL-Media Relations - What is Neuberger Berman hiding?

I mean the changes that Richard Chimberg
of CL-Media Relations wanted me to make to this post below do not seem like that big of a difference to me...

If you look at the Post and the Source and what Richard Chimberg - CL-Media Relations, PR Media Relations for Neuberger Berman wants changed, you have to ask yourself what is the big difference between May and the Beginning of the Year.

I mean their Big Fancy Deal Closed when it closed right, and surely they have proof of that should the SEC or the Tax Man come Knocking Right?

And the Article I linked to Said, "The transaction is expected to be completed by early 2009." - so basically if this was written in Oct. of 2008 and said something was "expected" doesn't that mean that it may or may not close at that time.. So why the urgency, when the source had been Out THERE for over a year ?

Richard Chimberg of CL-Media Relations - in his last plea to me said

"Please take a look at the date of that posting from the site. Oct. 6, 2008, which was before the management buyout of Neuberger Berman. Thanks. Best, Rich "

I just don't understand the big difference... I GUESS it is a Big Deal to Somebody because that POST was hit by Lehman Brothers, Warner Brothers, Rubbenstein and Associates, emailed to Stock Brokers and Holding Companies, hit and studied by Proskauer Rose LLP, and lit up on Blackberry and Verizon, it was a bit of a frenzy and I just don't get it when it was on the Web for 15 Months before I linked to it in my research connecting the dots on Proskaur Rose , Which was the Research that I was doing.

How can it NOW be such a Big Deal and why do they want that changed, and on whose authority of fact?

I mean when did the Deal Really Close and Who really Cares? For me it was about the things that Proskuar Rose is involved in and connecting Clients and information.

I know nothing about merger's and acquisitions, nothing about Randy Whitestone, the Lehman Brothers, Bain Capital LLC, Hellman and Friedmand LLC, or Neuberger Berman, I was simply researching and posting. I know nothing about Private equity business, venture capital, merchant banking, or investment funds... I own no stocks...

So in looking at the emails that Richard Chimberg of CL-Media Relations sent to me and going off the "Fact Change" he requested I PROMPTLY make, and the supposed proof he provide - I can only think that there is something about this deal that Neuberger Berman does not want investors, bankers.. or somebody to know - I just can't figure out what that is....

What is the Difference between Early in the Year in May.. on say 158 Billion in Assets.... or something like that.. could it be a Tax Consequence, a Holding Period of Portfolios, some sort of Currency Trading or something that would put money in the wrong hands.. well I don't know.. but Rich Chimberg of CL-Media Relations sure has peeked my interest... and well my Stat Counter is on Fire...

So it must be a pretty big deal to somebody.. I just don't know why... or Who
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