Monday, February 8, 2010

Mary Shapiro - SEC - She gets Notice of Fraud - Does Nothing and then Seems Shocked when YOU lose BILLIONS.

" SEC Staff Monitors Stocks & Bond-Age

The Securities and Exchange Commission may have found the real reason it missed giant frauds such as Bernie Madoff's $65 billion Ponzi scheme: Its employees were too busy trying to access porn at their desks.

About two dozen employees over the past two years have been caught using SEC computers to try to access porn Web sites, including one regional supervisor who made 1,800 attempts over a 17-day period but was denied access by monitoring software.

The situation became a big enough problem that the SEC's inspector general has sent four internal reports on the topic to Congress over the past two years, according to The Washington Times, which first reported on the sex-starved SEC workers after obtaining information on the computer abuse through a Freedom of Information Act request. "

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$65 Billion in the Bernie Madoff Scheme is NOT all that Mary Shapiro and the SEC missed... What about the Standford Affair - Billions and Connected to Proskauer Rose. What About Enron and Proskauer Connections - and what about all the Players, Shareholder Fraud, and Liability that the Eliot Bernstein of the Iviewit Technologies Company has brought to Mary Shapiro and the SEC's Attention ?

What do they say, I just did not know or see this coming, So Sorry you Lost Billions - I had no Way of Knowing... well Crystal L. Cox, Investigative Blogger says.. "BULL, Mary Shapiro and the SEC knew" and they IGNORED leads, had no one seemingly watching websites, reading documents, scouring blogs or even looking into lead that led to BILLIONS of Innocent Investors losing their Money. The SEC has no purpose that is really beneficial and in my Opinion is just as susceptible as being Bought Off as anyone other Corrupt Government Agent, Attorney, CEO or Judge" .

Won't it be Amusing when Warner Brothers, Intel Corp., Sony, AOL, and all those Billion Dollar Tech Companies go Belly up and take the Shareholders to Bankruptcy because of the Contracts they signed and did not fulfill with the Iviewit Technologies Company that puts them in Connection and at least in part Liable for a Trillion Dollar Liability that they SEEM to have overlooked on their Books with all their bragging of Profits this quarter... blah .. blah.. blah..

Won't it be Hysterically when the SEC, when Mary Shapiro says to the Warner Brothers, AOL, Intel Corp, Sony ... Shareholders that Gee I just didn't see that Trillion Dollar HIT Coming.. We had no warning.. other then the years of complaints filed from the Iviewit Technologies Company in Which I IGNORED.. gee Sorry..

I kind of have to agree with some of the Comments on the Link to the above Article...
It is not Personal, it is Business,
Mary Schapiro - YOUR FIRED !!!..

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Crystal L. Cox...
Crystal Cox
More on the Obvious, Blatant Shareholder Fraud among tons of Major Tech Companies.. and the Iviewit Stolen Patent Story at and at www.Iviewit.TV over a thousand documents of Proof So Far.
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