Wednesday, February 17, 2010

MPEGLA claims to Be Revolutionizing Intellectual Property Rights Management

What Does this Mean Really? If you go to www.Iviewit.TV or you see that MPEGLA is creating HUGE shareholder Liability, involved in connection with patent theft and Fraud on the USPTO and has Stolen Technology from the Rightful Inventors and to me this is certainly not to be touted as "Revolutionizing Intellectual Property Rights" - it is Flat Out Lying about and Stealing Intellectual Property Rights.
MPEG LA says they are "Preparing the market for mass adoption" what does that really mean, check out the link about and KNOW there is a Whole Lot more Behind the Kind of Business that MPEG LA Does.

MPEG LA has been named in an SEC Scandal that creates Massive Shareholder Liability and Fraud. MPEGLA LLC. has been accused of illegal patent pooling, being part of stealing a Trillion Dollar Patent and of putting shareholders at possible Massive Financial Damage...

Click Here for SEC Report on MPEG LA