Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Neuberger Berman PR Guy - Richard Chimberg of CL-Media Relations emails Industry Whistleblower Crystal L. Cox - and Seems to Step in Blogger Scat.

Richard Chimberg of CL-Media Relations Sent me an Email Today - I want to Share it with you folks to Help you Understand the Online PR World of 2010.

A Good PR guy or Media Relations Company in 2010, in My Opinion, Should have a firm grasp of the playing field, of modern media and really understand the new journalist and online news source is in a Big Part Bloggers.

A Modern Day, So Called PR Firm such as CL-Media Relations - or a PR Guy like Richard Chimberg SHOULD actually "Google" the person, the "Blogger", the "Industry Whistleblower" they are emailing BEFORE they email them to see what all they are doing online and if this can in anyway hurt the Company, the Client they are working for.

A Modern Day Media Relations Company such as CL-Media Relations SHOULD also scour the site they found the information on BEFORE they Email the Blog Owner or the Blog Author to see if there might just be a few things they may need to know about this Investigative Blogger, Industry Whistleblower, Search Engine Reputation Manager .. Before they just start a Yapping and a Yammering. And trying to Pull a Bluff, a Subtle Threat and well ya know ruffle their feathers. .. ya know what I mean ?

A PR - Media Relation Company such as CL-Media Relations who boastingly says they "specialize in strategic media relations services" May want to get a refresher course on how this all really works in 2010. BEFORE they Reach Out and make Subtle Threats, Strong requests for immediate action and plea-full bantering.

Well this is what Richard Chimberg of CL-Media Relations
has engaged me "Crystal L. Cox" in today.

"" Hello, Crystal. My name is Rich Chimberg and our firm, CL-Media Relations , is Neuberger Berman's PR agency. The item that appeared Feb. 1, 2010 on http://www.industrywhistleblower.com/ , Bain Capital LLC and Hellman & Friedman LLC to buy Neuberger Berman Inc. from Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc. for $2.15 billion, is factually wrong.


Neuberger Berman was acquired in a management buyout announced in Dec. 2008 and completed in May 2009 (attached is a Neuberger Berman press releasedated May 4, 2009 announcing the completion of the transaction).

Would appreciate a prompt update on the website with the correctinformation. I have copied Randy Whitestone at Neuberger Berman, and my business partner, Sarah Lazarus, on this email. Thanks very much. Best, Rich "

Crystal L. Cox Says:

Ok First of All, I was very open to changing the information, however Richard Chimberg 's response, the things he said and the way he said them, well I just felt that there was more to it.

I mean Come on a Media Relations Company asking me to Change Facts, I mean I don't know if they are facts, I did not talk to the Companies involved. I QUOTED in exact wording what another news source said, and it was a Post from October 6th 2008.

I am suppose to take the word of a Company hired to promote another Company and my FACT base is to be an official looking PDF from some guy named Randy Whitestone whom I had never heard of until I got that email from Richard Chimberg of CL-Media Relations.

I was simply Researching Proskauer Rose in my Writings of the Trillion Dollar Iviewit Stolen Patent Case. And that post was a "Connecting the Dots" per say on Proskauer Rose and I got it from another source in direct quote and at the bottom of the post I wrote "Source of POST" and I linked to the Source of the Post. The Post was in quotes.

So because my Internet Marketing puts my information out in front and because Richard Chimberg must have google alerts on Neuberger Berman he saw my Post and Wham hit me with a Request.

Well I would like to Say A+ for Promptness, however .. hmmmm.. what about the previous 15 Months this apparent "Non-Factual Information" was out there for all to see. How did Super Duper PR Guy Rich Chimberg of CL-Media Relations miss that and seem to be unable to do anything about it. Richard Chimberg of CL-Media Relations did not even know it existed.

Does Richard Chimberg of CL-Media Relations not offer Search Engine Monitoring Services, and actively look for this stuff .. I mean does Richard Chimberg of CL-Media Relations actually make a living at simply check his email for google alerts .. and emailing bloggers to change information based on What he say is Fact and Sending copies of those emails to people the blogger has never even heard of ????

How did Rich Chimberg of CL-Media Relations miss that it was a Direct Quote and Flat OUT miss the Link to that Source... ?? And why, subtly threaten me with sent copies to people I had never heard of... what is that about Really?

I emailed Richard Chimberg of CL-Media Relations back and I Said this..

" Thanks for the Email.. This is an Exact Quote from another site..
and a Link to the Source, Have you Asked the Source Post to Be Dropped?

What I am Researching and Writing on, that is of interest here is Proskauer...

I will consider Dropping or changing the post after I review what you sent..


Next Super Duper PR Guy Richard Chimberg of CL-Media Relations Emailed me Back and Said this Never To Be Forgotten Quote, " Appreciate the reply. If the information you used comes from another site, we’d be happy to contact that source with the facts. Can you let us know the source? Thanks. Best, Rich"

Ok ... So ... Richard Chimberg of CL-Media Relations on his website brags about specialized attention, experience and all he can bring to the table to his clients yet he Emails Gibberish Like this out to Bloggers. IF THE INFORMATION YOU USED COMES FROM ANOTHER SOURCE ... Can you Let us Know the Source?

ARE you kidding me.. he can't read ... how "Specialized Attention" is that ? Richard Chimberg of CL-Media Relations, Super Duper PR Guy asked me for the Source instead of Seeing the SOURCE on the POST before he SENT his Special Request to ME.

And instead of FIRST contacting that Source to have them change the FACTS before emailing me, he asks me to hold his hand and point out the Source that was on the POST the FIRST time he Read it. Gee I really hope nobody is Paying this Guy for this kind of Archaic, Ineffective PR Solutions.

And Still Rich Chimberg still wants my Post Information Changed.

Well if I did that I can't link to the source anymore Right and then the Point of my POST which was the " Proskauer Rose LLP " Connection, well that would be Mute wouldn't it?

It would then become a Post on a Company that I had never heard of and was not involved in researching... And how condescending to say "IF" it came from another source, as if to scare or intimidate me.. instead of just reading the source..

Ok So I Email Richard Chimberg of CL-Media Relations back and I sass him a bit... I Say...

" NO Offense to YOU.. however how good are you at PR if you did not see the Quotes and the Link to the Source.. http://www.industrywhistleblower.com/2010/02/bain-capital-llc-and-hellman-friedman.html Hope your Paid Well..

In my Opinion whatever Neuberger Berman 's PR agency is Paying you is Not Enough, the Source has been there for about 4 years.. and you did not catch it, then you read my EXACT quote and VERY Bold Link to the SOURCE and email me to remove it...

You just thought I made This Stuff up?

you Said "If the information you used comes from another site"Can't you read, research, PR Guy???? Hmmmm...Sounds like Neuberger Berman 's PR agency NEEDS a New PR Agency, and well now I have another Story to Tell..."

ok so I blathered a bit and mis-spoke a bit.. I meant that Neuberger Berman was paying Richard Chimberg of CL-Media Relations too much.. and well it was 15 months and not 4 years.. ok I got ahead of myself but still good points, I thought, of course I made them.. (that was funny.. you may have forgot to laugh..) Ok Anyway .. Richard Chimberg of CL-Media Relations got my email and he said. .. Yeah its a He Said - She Said sort of a deal..

"" Crystal — checked the CFO.com site, which I believe is the source of your news item on Neuberger Berman. The date of that posting, http://www.cfo.com/article.cfm/12372026?f=msdynamics , was Oct. 6, 2008. As I wrote in the previous email the management buyout of Neuberger Berman was approved in Dec 2008, and completed in May 2009. Thanks. Best, Rich ""

Talk about Dense, no offense seriously.. but Come on now he says "which I believe" - I LED HIM TO THE WATER... all he had to do was drink... So then he tells me the Date of the Buyout, the Date of the Post and yada - yada ... I can't CHANGE a QUOTE... Fix the SOURCE.. instead.. he Keeps Yammering the Facts according to Richard Chimberg of CL-Media Relations as if I am going to ALTER the quote and then link to the source.. .or what Remove the post..

I mean I did not make it up.. So a Good PR guy first of all would have FOUND the "Non-Factual Information" in the SOURCE post say 15 MONTHS ago and then well, if, GEE he just missed it and only found it because of my Super Duper Bloggin'... well then the Thing To Do would be FIX the source... not me.. FIRST...

And Richard Chimberg of CL-Media Relations makes one last plea and says, "Please take a look at the date of that posting from the CFO.com site. Oct. 6, 2008, which was before the management buyout of Neuberger Berman. Thanks. Best, Rich " What does this mean, it DOES not change the information on the Source ....

I had never heard of Randy Whitestone or Really even new of Neuberger Berman,

However a Subtle threat of sending him a Copy of his Email to me, well that made me curious on just who Randy Whitestone and Neuberger Berman are so I have a New Investigative Journalist - Industry Whistleblower BLOG on Randall Whitestone and Neuberger Berman to Post My Investigative Research On.

I am sure Glad that Rich Chimberg of CL Media Relations is Not My PR Guy.

Below is Some More Information on Richard Chimberg and CL-Media Relations, DIRECTLY Quoted from the Link in the Source Beneath, pay Close attention, it is hard to understand, for it says Source of Post and then there is the link right below...

"" About Us

CL-Media Relations, LLC, based in Concord, Massachusetts, was founded in 2006 by merging the media relations practices of Richard Chimberg and Sarah Lazarus.

We specialize in strategic media relations services, with a focus on the global financial services industry. CL-Media Relations is a boutique consultancy, so every client gets personalized attention from experienced and knowledgeable professionals.

We add value from the start, because we know the business world, and specifically your business. And, since we have substantial journalism and public relations backgrounds, we also understand what makes a good story and how to tell it to the media.""

Below is the SOURCE of the ABOVE Quote

Here is another Quote, this is a Quote About Richard Chimberg of CL-Media Relations

""Rich is a principal and co-founder of CL-Media Relations, LLC, established in 2006. CL-Media advises financial companies on their internal and external communications and positioning in the media.

Rich has 25 years of experience in PR and financial journalism.

Prior to his PR career, he reported on the investment management business, beginning in 1983, at Money Management Letter.

In 1988 he founded and edited Investment Management Weekly, a newsletter, and, in 1994, Return on Investment (ROI), a glossy magazine covering the business of money management. Rich later reported for Bloomberg News, and, in 2000, established InvestorForce.com’s Investor News Service, the first real-time online news service covering the investment management business.""

Source of the ABOVE quoted POST on

If I was a Super Duper PR Guy, I would Buy my Own Dotcom and Encourage My Clients to do so as Well, Come on it is 2010 and saying please and thank you and subtle threatening an email copy sent to people the blogger does not even know well... this is hmmm NOT good, and definately NOT EFFECTIVE....

I am Not sure how long it has been that Richard Chimberg of CL-Media Relations has been the PR Media Relations for Neuberger Berman, however if it has at least been... oh .. say a year ago or more.. shouldn't Richard Chimberg of CL-Media Relations have noticed the Bad Information Long ago ?

And if NOT, Well then.. Welcome to 2010 ... it may be time For Richard Chimberg of CL-Media Relations to Retire and Hang up the Ol' "Back in the Day" PR Hat.

We are NOT 25 years ago... the Internet is faster then the Speed of Light.. Per Say and So your 2010 PR Person... Well they had better be Johnny on the Spot and very - VERY good at what they do or say Good Bye to your Online Reputation SHOULD they ... ya Know Step in a Pile of BLOGGER "Scat" and Not know what to "Doo".

It's NOT Personal .... It's Just Business...
Richard Chimberg YOUR FIRED !!!

Consider this Post a Wake Call to ALL PR Companies -
It is 2010 and EVERYTHING is NEW.. Different..
the Rules of the Game HAVE Changed and I mean Bigtime..
YOU had Better KNOW what your Doing... or GET out of the Business.
Consider this POST a FREE Online Marketing,
Media Relations and PR Mini-Seminar....

POSTED by Crystal L. Cox
Investigative Journalist
and other Blogger Related PR, Research and Whistleblowin'