Monday, February 1, 2010

Rico Complaint - Pattern and History - How Many Inventors has Foley and Lardner Committed Crimes Against?

If you are an Inventor that has EVER been Taken Advantage of, Threatened, Bullied, had your Car Bombed or been set up in any way by Foley and Lardner Please Email me at - I am a Blogger, an Investigative Journalist and I am Investigating Stolen Patent Cases to Write about on my Stolen Patent Blog Network and my Industry Whistleblower Network.

My intention is simply to Get the Inventor's Story Told and Expose Corrupt Patent Attorneys in the hopes that inventors rights will be defender by the Courts of the United States of America.

If your Patent was Flat OUT Stolen by your Patent Attorney or connected Patent Attorneys they recommended, email me your Story - - a link to your blogs or videos on your story and Let's Get you Heard.

If Foley and Larder or Connected parties have been in any way involved in you NOT getting Legal Rights or Compensation to your Patent - Email me your Story.

Foley and Larder is NOT above the Law, Not Above a RICO Lawsuit and NOT above the Truth. You are NOT alone. Foley and Lardner Patent Attorneys have done this to Others, Step Up - Tell your Foley and Lardner Story and Get Heard.

Foley and Lardner have no Moral, Ethical or Legal Right to Do this to YOU. Email your Story, your Blog, your Documents, or post yourself at and get your Foley and Lardner Patent Theft Story Told.

If you have experienced Patent Infringement, Stolen Patents, Stolen Technology, Corrupt Patent Attorneys, Patent Fraud or a Disclosure of Confidential Patent Information by Foley and Lardner and anyone associated with Foley and Lardner EMAIL me and Get your Story Told.
Crystal L. Cox
Industry Whistleblower
Truth Seeker
Investigative Journalist
Crystal Cox