Friday, February 12, 2010

Time Warner SEC Fraud? Was the AOL Spin OFF Fraud? Why is TWX Hiding the Iviewit Liability?

Who Was sent a Copy of the SEC - FBI Complaint against Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc., AOL ?

What Will the People Who received Eliot Bernstein's Complaint Do with it?

Below is a link to an FBI - SEC Complaint about AOL and Time Warner, there are over a Thousand Documents of Proof at www.iViewit.TV and years pile on top of years and NO One seems to be paying attention or they are paid to deliberate look away, deny due process, and stall justice. What Will the Folks Below Do about the Blatant Shareholder Fraud in the Link Below, Will they ALL dismiss it as Nothing?

Like they did with Madoff, with Standford and as Time Warner Inc. has blatantly done for all the YEARS they have ignored the HUGE Liability that Iviewit has brought to their attention time after time ?

Click Here for the FBI, SEC Complaint against
Warner Bros. Entertainment, AOL. Inc. , Time Warner Inc.

Below is a List of Who NOW For Sure Knows about this Trillion Dollar Shareholder Liability .. the Question is Will Anybody Do Anything..?

With this Request:

"" To all addressed parties in the TO field of the Email,

Please take this Formal Written Complaint and immediately begin formal investigative procedures and docket this complaint as such.

If you are already investigating the Iviewit matters, please include this complaint in your ongoing file for the Iviewit companies complaint and those of Inventor, Eliot I. Bernstein.

I have attached a signed PDF file that is fingerprinted as the formal complaint to docket and have attached a Word document unsigned and unprinted for reading convenience only and to access the hyperlinked exhibits with greater ease.

Due to Whistleblower allegations of document destruction regarding prior complaints filed with certain departments, as evidenced in the complaint, please print each and every exhibit referenced via URL’s in the attached document as part of the permanent record to this complaint.

As these matters and investigations are part of an ongoing US Patent Office investigation and central to protecting the inventors’ rights please maintain this Formal Complaint and all Exhibits for a period of no less than twenty years or until the issues have been fully resolved by all investigatory agencies and courts worldwide.

If you have any questions or need additional information, please feel free to contact me directly, my personal contact information below.

Please confirm receipt of this message and all attachments, formally docket the complaint and please note to sign the conflict of interest disclosure embedded in the document as Exhibit 2, prior to any action on your part.

Thank you in advance for your time, effort and consideration of the Time Sensitive Matters ~ Eliot Bernstein "

The Honorable President of the United States Barack Hussein Obama II (;

Mary L. Schapiro, Chairman @ U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (;

Enforcement @ U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (;

H. David Kotz ~ Inspector General @ Securities Exchange Commission Inspector General Office (;

The Honorable Glenn Fine - Inspector General Department of Justice; The Honorable Glenn Fine ~ Inspector General @ United States Department of Justice (; The Honorable Madam Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (; The Honorable Shira A. Scheindlin @ United States District Court ~ Southern District of New York (;

The Honorable Eric H. Holder Jr., United States Attorney General @ US DOJ (;

The Honorable Eric H. Holder Jr., United States Attorney General @ US DOJ (; Miami Division @ Federal Bureau of Investigation (;

The Honorable John Conyers Jr. (D-MI 14th) - Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee (;

Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration (;

David Gouvaia @ Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration (; Daniel O'Rourke - Small Business Administration Inspector General Office;

The Honorable Inspector General Todd J. Zinser @ Department of Commerce (TZinser@OIG.DOC.GOV);

David Kappos ~ Under Secretary of Commerce for Intellectual Property and Director of the USPTO (;

Sharon Barner ~ Deputy Director @ United States Patent & Trademark Office (;

Harry I. Moatz ~ Director of the United States Patent & Trademark Office - Office of Enrollment & Discipline; Mail Stop OED-Ethics Rules (;

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Timothy Spotts Esq. ~ Counsel @ Senate Standing Committeeon the Judiciary (

Frank Brady @ Expose Corrupt Courts (;

Rachel Maddow @ MSNBC (;
Michael Moore (

More on the Iviewit Stolen Patent Case at and www.iViewit.TV

They will NEVER be able to Say that they DID not KNOW the HUGE Liability that AOL and Time Warner Put onto their Shareholders, and have SEEMINGLY concealled for a VERY long time... More on the Warner Brothers Blatant Ignoring of this Liability at .