Friday, February 5, 2010

Today is Feb 5th 2009 and P. Stephen Lamont's MySpace Page Says..

"" P. Stephen Lamont's Companies
Iviewit Technologies, Inc.
Armonk, NY US
Chief Executive Officer Corporate
12/2001-Present ""

Link to Above QUOTE

Ok, so P. Stephen Lamont says he is the Chief Executive Officer, CEO of Iviewit Technologies, Inc. in Armonk, NY - WHAT? Who owns Iviewit Technologies, Inc ? Who owns the DBA, the Corporation.. who is in Charge of the Iviewit Technologies, Inc Company ? Who is "Authorized" to act upon the behalf of the Iviewit Shareholders?

What is Going On Really? I mean is P. Stephen Lamont acting outside of his authority, does P. Stephen Lamont have a Right to continue claiming to be a CEO of a Company, if those who own the Company say he was fired and is NOT the Current Chief Executive Officer ?

Much more on the Corporate Structure of the Iviewit Company and P. Stephen Lamont Coming Soon. For now for more information on the Iviewit Stolen Patent Case go to my Blog on this Topic at

Crystal L. Cox