Sunday, February 7, 2010

US Taxpayers PAY for Corrupt DOJ Employees to Committ Fraud on the Courts

6 USDOJ employees caught lying to the court.

Your Tax Dollars Hard at Work - No Once seems to
be able to do anything about the Bankruptcy Court Corruption
and the DOJ Employee and Trustee Corruption, WHY?

Included in this post are a few of court documents from the Donald Stone Stolen Patent Case and his Florida RICO Compaint where 6 USDOJ employees are caught lying to the court, and trying to white wash Donald Ston'es criminal allegations as " a business dispute" .

These USDOJ criminals did not know that Donald Stone had their internal documents where they were discussing the multitude of criminal activities of Donald Stone's former business associates.

It is said that they were certain that they had been successful in concealing these documents and meeting from Donald Stone with their various schemes to thwart his subpoenas.

They tried this 'business dispute" trick with the court in their motion.

Donald Stone went back to the court with their own documents of this meeting 9/26/94 with a multitude of federal felony offenses.

And they were forced to admit to the criminal activities of Donald Stone's former business associates.

And it wouldn't be until 2005 that it would be discovered that the Sappersteins were stealing and laundering $3.5 million from the Baltimore School Board during the time that Donald Stone was suing them for racketeering and the USDOJ was protecting their criminal activities.

Is there NO Accountability at All in the United states Court System?

6 federal prosecutors caught lying in federal court proceedings. When does the injustice on We the People STOP. When is the TRUTH the only Real Defense that is needed in the Courts?

It is said that, Not only was Thomas E. Scott's name floated for possible FBI Director by Bush, Scott was a former federal judge in Miami before he became US Attorney for the Southern District of Florida.

Readers Remember in your Research of Stolen Patents: One Connecting Element to these Stolen Patents is the Bankruptcy Courts. So the Department of Justice Trustee somewhere along the line has to be involved. This stuff is way more then Coincidence.

Florida Rico Click Here

RICO Document

Click Here to See Documents Used to
Catch the DOJ folks Lying

Curran Howard Falsified Affidavit

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