Saturday, February 13, 2010

Warner Bros. Iviewit - Contracts Signed - Ignored. Iviewit SEC Complaint Pending against Warner Bros.

For 8 Years Time Warner Inc. , Warner Brothers, TWX, AOL, has Ignored the Liability that they are FULLY aware of in the Case of the Trillion Dollar Iviewit Patent Theft.

Jeff Bewkes, Wayne Smith, Tim Armstrong and More at Time Warner have Certainly Been Aware of the iViewit situation. Time Warner's Solution to this HUGE liability was to ignore it, spin off AOL and Keep on ignoring the Legal Agreements That They Signed.

To many in the Technology world, the iViewit Case is nothing new. However with the Standford Billions ... the Madoff Billions... Enron.. all that has piled up .. and all involved seeming to act like they had no way of Knowing Yet they certainly did... Enron is connected to the Iviewit Stolen Patent and to Prosakauer Rose Law Firm - Eliot Bernstein Founder of Iviewit Technologies and one of the Inventors of the Trillion Dollar Patent told the Authories Long, LONG ago and they did nothing... even to the point of his Family Car being BOMBED and seemingly NO Real investigation.

So here we are Almost Spring of 2010 and Still Warner Brothers, Wayne Smith, Jeffrey Bewkes IGNORE the Massive Shareholder Fraud that is inevidable. As the Laws of this Great Country can only be ignore for So Long, and thousands of pages of evidence can only be swept under the rug so long...

Seems to me like it is time for the TWX, AOL, Time Inc., Warner Bros. Stockholder to initiate a major lawsuit and billions in fines to all who have held this information from the Shareholders - which is Against the Law to do so.

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