Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Was P. Stephen Lamont Really The CEO of the Iviewit Technologies Company

In the Quest to see if P. Stephen Lamont is working for or against the Iviewit Shareholders and the Iviewit Inventors. I have to ask and research such questions.

Also did Stephen Lamont Really go to Columbia, Does P. Stephen Lamont have a Law Degree? Has Stephen Lamont Being deliberate sabatoging the Iviewit Inventors, Company and Shareholders from the Begining... ???

Who in the Trillion Dollar Patent Heist is Stephen Lamont actually working for, with or against? Where is the FBI, the SEC, the FTC, and the Department of Justice. This is Trillions of Dollars and Shareholders Stand to Lose Billions... where is the United States Justice System??

Questions SOON to be answered.. if you have any VALID information on this, please email Crystal L. Cox - Investigative Blogger at

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Iviewit Stolen Patent Case