Monday, February 8, 2010

Why Would Former iViewit CEO - P. Stephen Lamont ATTEMPT to Quash Motion by Eliot Bernstein?

Investigative Blogger Crystal L. Cox
Questions the Intentions, Integrity,
Morals and Connections
of P. Stephen Lamont.

Why - 8 Years into the Iviewit Battle for the Rights of the Shareholders and Inventors would a Former CEO of Iviewit Technologies be filing Court Documents to Quash Eliot Bernstein's Motion?

P. Stephen Lamont being a Shareholder would Seem to benefit from the Iviewit Technologies Inc. Getting their Rights and the Inventors Getting Rights to their Patents...

The Question then is, Did P. Stephen Lamont Give up on Standing on the Right side of the Moral Compass and On standing on the Right side of the Law and on the side of the Rights of the Inventors and the Shareholders?

And with this did P. Stephen Lamont join with those who stole the patent in some attempt to get anything out of this "Iviewit Thing"? Who is Stephen Lamont Talking to and Why?

There are only 2 sides of the Iviewit Stolen Patent Case The One Side that is Lawful, Legal, Ethical and Moral and the OTHER Side which is Unlawful, Illegal, Immorral and UnEthical. Today I am Seriously Perplexed as to which Side Stephen Lamont is Standing on.
Which One of the Players in this Trillion Dollar Heist is P. Stephen Lamont Talking To?

Who is P. Stephen Lamont FORMOR Iviewit CEO really working for or with now? It Makes No Sense Do me. Stephen Lamont is now trying to STOP Eliot Bernstein in the Courts, Why?

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Also One has to Again Ask Why Now?

Suddenly Stephen Lamont comes, seemingly out of
no where and joins on the opposite team of Eliot Bernstein.

P. Stephen Lamont Seems to stand on the Opposite side of the Moral Compass and is going to notify authorities of Eliot Bernstein's alleged acts, Why Now? What Acts, what is Going On?

If this Stuff is TRUE why would P. Stephen Lamont wait 8 years to tell the Authorities. I mean the mysterious "Authorities" in all this, well all they have to do is read all the proof and you can see that The Illegal Behavior is Obvious and Seriously Piling Up... and has been for at least 8 Years and the "Authorities" have done NOTHING to enforce the Laws of the United State of America, and Why?

Well Corrupt Courts, Corrupt Judges, Favored Attorneys, Conflicts of Interest and well a whole lot of reasons that have nothing to do with the Rule of LAW, the Real Laws, the Constitution of the United States and the Real Facts of the Iviewit Stolen Patent Case.

All this stuff in the last week leads me to believe that possibly Lamont has been on the Wrong Side of this for Years, and Well something - somehow blew his Cover... It was NOT me.. for the Iviewit Documents had been OUT THERE for 8 years... I post them and P. Stephen Lamont TELLS me to Get My Affairs in Order.. .while I Still have Affairs... WHAT?

What is Really Going on with P. Stephen Lamont and who in this High Finance, Trillion Dollar Patent Heist is P. Stephen Lamont REALLY teamed up with... ???

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