Friday, March 26, 2010

Andrew Cuomo Tip - Poltical Mine Field If Cuomo Enters "the Race" so it is Predicted that he WON'T.

" The story of Cuomo's investigation of Paterson and his later appointment of Judith Kaye is yesterday's news already.

Currently, everyone is anticipating that Andrew Cuomo, who has delayed month after month his presumed entry into the gubernatorial primary, will finally enter the race in late April.

I am predicting that Cuomo will never enter the race.

He knows by entering that he is stepping into a political mine field filled with IEDs that might explode at any time and finally expose NY's hidden political scandals, scandals including both Mario's and Andrew's dirty little secrets.

These are the very scandals he wished to remain hidden through his bad-faith appointment of a "dependable and reliable" Judith Kaye, an appointment overwhelming in its transparency.

I am also tipping you off that, even if Cuomo does not enter the race, the story of NY's secret political scandals may finally be breaking news in the not too distant future.

Cuomo is in the no-win situation of being damned if he does and damned if he doesn't.

One NY paper may be already working on a story and NY activists concerned with courtroom corruption and angry with Judith Kaye have already contacted me, have been excited with my information, have begun posting writings on their blogs, and are allegedly busy rallying "the troops". ....

.... you will see why a primary fight between Paterson and Cuomo could/would have been racially divisive, even awakening up old racial wounds."

Political Tip Sent in By Reader..