Tuesday, March 16, 2010

I Think Michael Lewis Likes Industry Whistleblowers

From Interview in Clip Below - At no point does anybody say this is wrong? Yes there was a handful who were an exception to this. They were yelling and screaming about this, but nobody listened.

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I have been having a very healthy debate about how our Court system says it does this and does that to "protect us". Yes, the legal documents say you have all these ways to achieve justice in our system. Well maybe I should offer this information to people. Sorry can't do it. That would be like referring someone I don't believe will do their job.

There is no motivation or checks and balances built into our Justice System, just like Wall Street, and just like our Government. I mean if you have a problem with how our government spends your money, what do you do about it? If you have a problem with a Judge, what do you do about it? If you have a problem with the people monitoring these systems, like the FBI and the IRS and the Supreme Court, where do you go? Will your voice be heard? Who will call them out on these "larger powers"?

Well I have experienced first hand that even if you have the TRUTH, all the DOCUMENTS, the INSIDER KNOWLEDGE, and the BRAINS to figure out what is not working, that the people who are supposed to serve us really serve themselves. They put blinders on to the fact that their actions will ultimately lead to - human suffering and great financial loss at the expense of a few large financial gain.

You can literally scream and yell until you are blue in the face - NOBODY LISTENS. They are too busy making money. Why should they mess that up, even if they know that many will have great loss? We have leaders and people in power who lack social conscious because they are blinded by their paycheck. Some leaders don't even know they are playing the game. Others know they are playing the game, but they have to continue to play the game to keep the empire they built in tact. Really not sure what their wealth has to do with serving WE THE PEOPLE??

How do WE THE PEOPLE protect ourselves from this betrayal and deceit? How do WE THE PEOPLE get heard? I would like to say take it to the Justice System, they will handle it, but I would be lying. I would be sending people with no hope and no money into the darkness of our NATIONS' courtrooms so they can have less hope and less money.

By the time anyone does get anything through the Justice System, the damage has been long done. I mean we finally hear about the fall of our Financial Markets in 2010??? They knew about this in 2006??? The dillusion is that the financial crises happened because of the fall of the real estate prices, but the truth is those prices were inflated by these risky mortgages. One links to the other that links to the other and so on.

Jeez People - Wake Up - Don't you get it? If you don't VOICE the wrongdoings and be a whistleblower of sorts, NO ONE ELSE WILL!!! You are the only one who can protect you. Why do we allow these people who care only about themselves to make all these STUPID choices for us? When are we going to STOP BELIEVING in the ILLUSION and start believing in what we all know in our HEARTS to be true? Are we scared? Are we weak? Are we wanting to hide from the horror of it?

Well I would say YES we are scared and yes we don't want to see the horror, but weakness is just an excuse. We have all the tools and all the knowledge to have a voice, it is just making a decision to share that voice with the rest of the world.

One person screaming is not near as effective as 100 people screaming right?