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Neuberger Berman Sale - Proskauer Rose partners James Gerkis, Rima Moawad, Peter Samuels, Jeff Levitan, Mike Sirkin, Stuart Rosow and Mike Album

Proskauer Rose partners James Gerkis, Rima Moawad, Peter Samuels, Jeff Levitan, Mike Sirkin, Stuart Rosow and Mike Album represented the management group in the Neuberger Berman Sale - Stay Tuned to This Blog for Lots More on Proskauer Rose LLP's Connections and Conflicts of Interest on the Neuberger Berman Sale.

Just Who is "The Management Group" - Names and Player... ??
Coming Soon..

All Good Bankruptcy Heists need a Cooperative Judge Right?

Well here on the Neuberger Berman Sale we have Bankruptcy Judge James Peck -
Few Links On Judge James M. Peck ...

"" Remember "Justice" is just in the title of a government department which is infiltrated with revolving door crime family members. Not all of the DOJ lawyers are corrupt. But enough of them are corrupt for all sorts of corruption to prevail.

Like when a "bitch slapper" escapes even a slap on the wrist. Hey feminists: Are you full of hypocrisy? Are the BigMedia writers who cover womens issues beholden to the powers that be? We can only wonder if main stream journalists are essentially silent on obvious corruption and hypocrisy in the Judiciary and prosecutors offices in exchange for money, or for get out of jail cards of their own.

“It’s tragic, but you can count on Judge Peck and his peeps to cover things up Yeah, any time Pecker the BitchSlapper roughed up a hooker, he was protected. Of course, the time always comes to repay the neo-mafia a favor...

And in a simply shocking "coincidence", we find this great honorable man of wisdom, intellect, and temperament wrongly and unjustly juxtaposed against tangential allegations of an excessive discount to the buyers of assets in the largest bankruptcy case ever (surpassing even WorldCom in size, and perhaps fraud) in re: Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc., lead case number 08-13555, U.S. Bankruptcy Court, Southern District of New York in Manhattan.

It's a number of BigLaw bankruptcy lawyers who are arguing what smells like "teen fraud" about the windfall in the Barclay's Bonanza..

You really need to check out the Judge Peck Download Section. It seems some creditors figured out that the negotiators working for Lehman sold the assets at a discount so high that the non U.S. bank, Barclays PLC, got a windfall of up to $10 Billion dollars. Afterwards, a number of the "negotiators" got jobs at Barclays. Hmmm....

Judge James Peck ... said in June that it was "conceivable mistakes were made" in the Deal ""
Seriously Awesome Website - Take a Good Hard Look

So who were this "Negotiators" ? Well Lead Attorney Fraternity with HUGE Connections in the NY Supreme Court and Basically so Many Connections that Above the Law" is a "Standard of Practice" - that Would be Proskauer Rose LLP.

And What Proskauer Rose Wants, Proskauer Rose Gets.

The Lehman Bankruptcy - the Judge Peck Download Page ... Click here .. Talks about Deliberate "Undisclosed $5 Billion Discount" and "Deliberate Understatement of Assets" - the Neuberger Berman Sale Reeks of Corruption and Dirty Deals. No Wonder Richard Chimberg PR Guy wanted to Shut me Up...

More on the Neuberger Berman Sale - Corrupt DOJ, Corrupt Judges, Back End Deals, Attorney Conflicts of Interest, Bankruptcy Court Corruption, Lehman Brothers Holding and ... at

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