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Proskauer Rose LLP - Jeff Marwil Confirmed as Chapter 11 Trustee for Life Fund / A&O Bankruptcies. Wake UP to this One Folks. Proskauer Rose

Jeff Marwil, Proskauer Rose Confirmed as Chapter 11 Trustee for Life Fund / A&O Bankruptcies - Folks be VERY alarmed at this... this Means that the Creditors Lose and the Attorneys Win. We will examine who the Bankruptcy Judge is on this, who the Department of Justice Trustee is and just how much room for Bankruptcy Corruption there is on this one.

In writing on the Summit 1031 Bankruptcy, and in Reading the detailed blog of an Industry Insider - the Bankruptcy Whistleblower on the Summit 1031 Blog at ... and all the incredibly similar stories I have heard about and studied over the last year it is pretty obvious to me that the "Business Model" of Bankruptcy Corruption is Where the REAL Money is.. and the Model for Bankruptcy Corruption includes a Judge and a Department of Justice Trustee that is Corruptible, a State Government that Promotes Transparency and Open Government but in No Way actually tries to make it a Reality, a Bankruptcy Attorney - Trustee that has major Political Connections - Judge Connections - Money Connections - Law Enforcement and Judicial Connections and boy the slide of hand - the Smoke and Mirrors - Billions created in Illusions while they take HUGE amounts of Money for NOTHING... really and No One seems to notice or even question....

Meanwhile the Victims, the Creditors wait silently for the Almighty power of the Bankruptcy Trustee to give them any money at all - so they Remain Silent while their Pockets are Drained.

The Company that went bankrupt, such as the Petters Scandal - the Standford Boys.... well they just want this to all go away and to stay out of jail so they can spend that money that Law Firms like Proskauer Rose (allegedly) hid for them in the "islands", the Caribean, or the "London Office"... at any rate it remains obvious that the company who went bankrupt hid their assets... just look at all the Lehman Brothers Choas and the Selling off of Neuberger Berman for way to little to create a diversion .. Proskauer Rose cleaned up that Mess... Big Money in Corrupt Bankruptcies that is for Sure...

Everybody wins or slides by .. except for the Creditors, the Real Victims and the US Department of Justice lets the Tax Payers get Raped by the Bankruptcy Courts and they just look the other way... guess it is Deadly to Stand up to Boys like the Attorneys at a Proskauer Rose ... I mean look at Eliot Bernstein of Iviewit Technologies - his car was bombed so badly it blew up cars around him... his brother in law stabbed, I write about the Iviewit Case and Get Death Threats... More on the Iviewit Stolen Patent Case at www.Iviewit.TV

Proskauer Rose is Above the Law from what I have seen and any court letting Proskauer Rose over see a bankruptcy.. well the Creditors may as well give up now...

And as in the Lehman Bankruptcy.. and all those Big Banks Going Down.. Well These Billionaire get Bail Outs by the Trillions of YOUR Tax Dollars... the Circle of Illusion Keeps winding around and making Slaves of the Victims, the Creditors, the Tax Payers...

So stay tuned as this Self Proclaimed Investigative Blogger ... takes a Deeper Look at this Bankruptcy and ALL Bankruptcy Court Proceedings that ANY Proskauer Rose Attorney Was Every involved in... WHY?

Well my fascination with Proskauer Rose Started with how in the World a Law Firm can create such an Illusion that a TRILLION dollar patent is in the Wrong hands for almost a Decade? And Proskauer Rose seems to have done this Slide of Hands thru the Corrupt US Bankruptcy Courts.
So Here we go.. Got a Tip on a Proskauer Rose Attorney Involved in a Corrupt or Suspected Corrupt Bankruptcy Proceeding?? who was or is the Department of Justice Trustee, how do they all know each other?? work together before... related... are You an Insider? a Whistleblower... a Truth Seeker??? email your Story to Me Crystal L. Cox investigative Blogger at - We say No More Proskauer Rose Law Firm Being Above the Laws of this Great Country.

Here is This Current, and Very Scary Bankruptcy News...

"" CHICAGO, March 9 -- /PRNewswire/ -- On March 8, 2010, Judge A. Benjamin Goldgar of the United States Bankruptcy Court in Chicago confirmed a creditors' election of Jeff Marwil as chapter 11 trustee in the consolidated cases of Life Fund, 5.1 LLC; Life Fund, 5.2, LLC; Houston Tanglewood Partners, LLC; A&O Resource Management, LP.; A&O Life Fund, LLC; A&O Bonded Life Assets, LLC; and A&O Bonded Life Settlement, LLC, overruling the objections of the U.S. Trustee's Office and of the original chapter 11 trustee, Patrick Collins, who was appointed by the U.S. Trustee's Office at the beginning of the bankruptcy case. Jeff Marwil is an attorney with Proskauer Rose in Chicago.

The cases involve over 722 investors in bonded, life settlement contracts who appear to have been defrauded in their investment. The bankruptcy estates, however, include sizeable interests in life insurance policies. Most of the investors live in Texas.

The election of Mr. Marwil was invoked and won by a Group of Investors represented by Houston counsel Deborah J. Fritsche and Lori Hood with the Johnson, Trent, West & Taylor law firm, and local Chicago counsel Brian M. Graham of SmithAmundsen. Johnson Trent and Smith Amundsen are members of USLAW NETWORK, a national organization composed of over 60 independent, defense-based law firms with over 4,000 attorneys covering the United States and Mexico.

At Johnson Trent, a successful legal practice is measured by the outcomes achieved for clients. Respecting client needs and understanding their business is at the heart of what we do. It is critical to immerse ourselves in our clients' businesses – taking on complex matters in order to exceed client expectations. With more than 25 litigators, we have the depth to serve all civil litigation needs. For more information on the firm, please visit

Smith Amundsen LLC has grown to 130 attorneys with offices in Chicago, Rockford, St. Charles, and Woodstock, Illinois and Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Our attorneys share a proficiency in a broad range of practice areas. As one of Chicago's premier firms, Smith Amundsen's success is built upon a foundation of integrity, professionalism, and a commitment to exceeding client expectations. For more information on the firm, please visit

Brian Graham

SOURCE SmithAmundsen, LLC ""

I would Call and Warn the Bankruptcy Judge or Proskauer Rose 's Insurance Carrier, however I am sure that they are behind them on it.. just like When the Century 21 Owner was overheard saying, I know what my agent is doing is Corrupt, I know they break the law and yes I know people get hurt - but Hey ... it MAKES ME MONEY!!! so I overlook it...

The Liability Insurance of Proskauer Rose Law Firm has to be in on their Crimes, they are to Good, to often and Make to Much Money... and the Standford Case, well I am sure that Proskauer Rose 's Liability Carrier knows about that one and they have most likely been told not to worry that it is handled.. because Proskauer Rose Controls, or thinks they Control the US Court System at the Highest of Level with Strategic Moles, Rats, and Players everywhere they need to be so that Proskauer Rose WINS....

Bankrupty Corruption is the Biggest Business Left Standing after our Major Economic Collapse..

As the Life Fund / A&O Bankruptcies plays out email your tips, suspected corruption, inside information to us and be included in our Industry Whistleblower Network, Our Bankruptcy Corruption Network and more... and GET your STORY heard..

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