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Real Estate Consumer Smackdown - Bernie Hassan, Weichert Realty and Real Estate Consumer Joel Stern

Bernie Hassan Manager of Weichert Realty in South Easton MA - Continues his Real Estate Consumer Smackdown

Bernie Hassan Manager of Weichert Realty in South Easton MA Says,

"" From: Bernie Hassan [mailto:bhassan@briarwoodrealestate.com]
Sent: Tuesday, March 02, 2010 1:12 PM
To: Stern, Joel

I think that you are acting out of anger.

I am not the person who harmed you. I do not even know you. You lash out with threats that if taken wrong could get you in trouble. Why would you threaten me personally?? I do not know you. As I stated before.. we strive for excellence and we do train and manage from that viewpoint.

You may not agree but there are many of us around the country that do. I have issue with the real estate industry as well. I do believe that we need to have better advocates of the consumer of which my company and my agents are. Sorry to hear about your unfortunate situation as I said before. But, threatening someone you do not know is not wise.

Bernie Hassan-Mgr.
Weichert Realtors,Briarwood Real Estate ""

Real Estate Consumers are upset, no one is Listening, if the Manager of the company who harmed you won't hear you where to you go. NAR at a ANY level is NOT listening, State Laws and Federal Laws are Impossible to enforce with NAR Affiliations, E and O insurance and other Billion Dollar Super Powers that NAR is supported by.

No ONE Realtor did not Do this... But ONE REALTOR can be a part of fixing it instead of simply being a part of the Real Estate Consumer Smackdown. Joel Stern is One of Millions of Frustrated Real Estate Consumers, NAR needs to Change and ANY Realtor, especially a Manager of a Chain 0r Franchise such as Bernie Hassan Manager of Weichert Realty in South Easton MA - well they need to make sure of what they are saying to the real estate consumer and what TRUTH or FACT this information is Really Based on. z

GONE are the Days of Real Estate Victims hiding in their homes because of the bad things done to them, no more do consumers have to swallow that jagged pill of Yes I have tons of Proof, Yes the Realtor broke the Law BUT No one will hold them accountable so I will suffer in silence - lose everything and just go away so you can't see my pain and suffering....

Those Days ARE Gone... We Give Voice to Real Estate Victims.

We hear their Cries for Help, We POST their Proof, We post the
documents that Prove the Law was Broken, the Realtor lied and that NAR
will do NOTHING about it at any level and that NAR lobbys for things such
as Mandatory E and O insurance - to make sure they are successful at their consumer smackdown.. and Insult to Injury, years of Fighting you are FORCED to "Settle" to save your life and life of your family and then THEY make you sign something that says you won't talk about it.. .this way other unsuspecting Real Estate Victims will fall into the same trap. This is BULL.

Blogs, Investigative Blogs are HERE and Real Estate Consumers Do have a Voice and these private email smackdowns and threats are no more PRIVATE.

Ok so to the Above JOEL Stern says to Bernie Hassan Manager of Weichert Realty

"" Dear Sir:
I am not engaging in any ad hominem attacks. My whole point in initiating this exchange was to rebut your unsubstantiated claims that dual agency is a viable, worthwhile practice.

By way of concrete example, I pointed out that your company harmed me significantly by defending agents whose ADMITTED actions were contrary to state disclosure statutes. This, in effect, means that Weichert’s management considers statutory violations to be inconsequential.

The public has every right to know about your company’s formal (not merely lip-service) position in such matters, since it has a direct bearing on its treatment of clients and the degree of responsibility it feels toward them.

Your claim that dual agency can be practiced successfully flies in the face of everyday practice, which consistently shows a shocking failure to comply with mandatory disclosure rules nationwide (as corroborated in the NAR’s own surveys, among other studies).

If you can prove me wrong and are able to justify Weichert’s—and the NAR’s—use of dual agency, affiliated business arrangements, and other such one-stop shopping practices, please do so with concrete facts and statistics. Exactly how are you serving the public interest through such practices?

Joel Stern ""

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Bernie Hassan Manager of Weichert Realty