Sunday, March 14, 2010

Top-level nationwide criminal racket targeting whistleblowers hits the skies

"" Punitive actions against these honest public servants send chilling signals to other would-be whistleblowers… - Captain Dan Hanley

Nationwide criminal racket involving top-level government agencies such as DHS and DOJ threatens national security and targets whistleblowers

Self-identified targeted individuals’ claims of persecution and widespread, systemic Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and Department of Justice (DOJ) abuse of power are mounting with the grassroots organization, Medical Whistleblowers including its Transportation Whistleblower spokesperson, also spokesperson of the Whitsleblowing Airline Employees Association, Captain Dan Hanley.

Last week, Hanley stated that the Department of Homeland Security and Transportation Safety Authority were recently responsible for the greatest national and airline passenger security risks since 911. He continues highlighting the FBI and the DOJ refusal to respond to former alleged criminal complaints involving United Airlines.

Criminal retaliation against TI whistleblowers

In COINTELPRO signature style of yesteryear, the FBI and DOJ grant immunity to criminals retaliating against citizens attempting to expose corruption, such as “kidnapping of children, false incarceration after framed by criminal elements in civil and criminal authorities, impoverishment, coercion under duress, and serious physical injury up to and including death.” (Barbara Hollingsworth, UPDATE: FBI, DOJ refuse to investigate charges of judicial corruption, Examiner, 12/03/09)

Self-identified targeted individuals (TIs), many of whom are human rights defenders and corruption whistleblowers struggling to survive retaliatory criminal assaults and persecution, consistently report FBI's refusal to investigate, DOJ's prevention of legal support, and mental health system's denial of advocacy.

Instead, TIs are re-victimized, often through forced medical and psychiatric evaluations, sometimes through forced psychiatric treatment.

Senator Leahy called to action

Medical Whistleblower Executive Director Dr. Janet Parker has written to Senate Judiciary Chairman Patrick Leahy about issues relating to reporting “Medical Fraud, Abuse and Neglect of Patients and Human Rights Violations” and the possibility of testifying before congressional committees.

Recently, a group of American self-identified Targeted Individuals also wrote to Leahy calling for an investigation:

We, the undersigned, are therefore compelled to request that congressional hearings be held to examine our issues and hear our accounts of what is happening covertly in this country. It is time to end the cover-up and restore our country once again to its founding constitutional principles of freedom of justice for all.

Non-government groups across the nation are calling to impeach DOJ judge Jay Bybee for alleged war crimes resulting in thousands of innocent people being tortured, the latest protest against the 'Torture Judge' at court being last Thursday in Pasadena, California with Sharon Tipton saying, Bybee should be in jail, not sitting on the bench. (See We will not be silent. Dupré inerviews Torture Judge Bybee protester Sharon Tipton, December 11, 2009)

Now, commercial aviation safety and security personnel terminated since 2001 for reporting security systems frailties, plus national and international whistleblower advocates want persecuted airline whistleblowers’ cases publicly reviewed.

These airline captains, federal air marshals and others attempting to protect passengers all report that the FBI and DOJ refuse to investigate their claims, a national and passenger security risk.

Barbara Hollingworth of The Examiner reported that for three years, the FBI and DOJ have refused to investigate material evidence of a nationwide criminal racket allegedly infiltrated in state and federal courts, manipulating and exploiting litigants in bankruptcy, family and probate courts.

Fraud, computer hacking and money laundering

A 2006 affidavit claims that “multiple judges and lawyers are aware of and/or involved in alleged criminal acts,” naming Judge Eugene R. Wedoff, chief Northern District of Illinois bankruptcy judge in 1986.

Wedoff presided over the 2005 United Airlines (UA) bankruptcy resulting in 20 large unsecured creditors losing nearly $18 million and UA defaulting on $3.2 billion worth of pension obligations for over 134,000 employees, “the largest pension default in three decades – while its top executives walked off with millions in exit bonuses,” reported Hollingworth.

Dan Hanley, Whistleblowing Airline Employees Association ( public spokesperson and former United 777 captain forced out of his job after reporting safety issues impacting passengers, stated that the recent TSA security leak was the greatest threat to passenger security since 911.

Hanley also alleges that United management fraudulently withheld information from the Pension Benefit Guarantee Corporation (PBGC) that took over their pensions, and that PBGC never conducted federally mandated analysis of the United pension fund before agreeing to its termination. Although the Securities and Exchange Commission recently agreed to look into the matter, it has not met its stated deadlines.

Hollingworth reports that a court affadavits allege United Airline associated illegal actions:

Judge Wedoff and other alleged criminal judges of accepting $40 million in bribes at LaSalle National Bank in Chicago plus Wells Fargo and Northern Trust Bank in Arizona according to Hollingworth.
Wedoff’s payoffs went into ERW Living Trust that purchased Lot 114 of Greenfield Place in Maricopa County, Arizona and the signature of ERW trustee, “Richard E. Williams” is identical to Judge Wedoff’s.
A Phoenix, Arizona based criminal racketeering enterprise created fraudulent documents and identity theft to hack into the INSLAW court software program to funnel stolen private and government funds into Omega and Anchor Pure Trusts.
These trusts dispersed the hot cash into personal trusts, such as ERW, that then used fake property mortgages already bought with cash to further launder the money.
Multiple lawyers of prominent law firms” used fake federal marshal credentials to access the Federal Court Building in Chicago."
Wedoff allowed a bankruptcy trustee to confiscate and destroy records and transfer 'large sums of money' to his account at La Salle, 'highly irregular and illegal.'

The FBI and DOJ have not investigated claims of the massive criminal infiltration of the federal court system. Hollingworth posits, “The big unanswered question is: Why not?”

National security and air safety at risk

The Department of Transportation never responded to Hanley’s April 2006 letter to Secretary Mineta. Furthermore, the US Department of Transportation wrote to Hanley stating that his FAA Whistleblower Report, (filed via certified mail with FAA), was “lost” and, “We anticipate no further action from our office regarding this matter.”

In a December 12 letter to Inspector General, Department of Transportation Calvin L. Scovel, Inspector General, Department of Homeland Security Richard L. Skinner, and Inspector General, Department of Justice Glenn A. Fine, Hanley stated:

“The issues addressed in my original and subsequent FAA Whistleblower Reports concerned grave commercial aviation safety and security issues.

“Additionally, allegations of methods of suppression of honest pilots who speak out in the name of passenger safety, but are ushered off the property at their airline through employment of ‘hostile workplace environment forced medical and psychiatric evaluations’ were addressed, as this sometimes results in the pilot loss of his medical certification, a federal requirement to fly commercial jet aircraft.

“Without appropriate governmental oversight of departments responsible for ensuring passenger and aircrew safety, but even more importantly, insurance of enforcement of current whistleblower laws, which sometimes results in retaliatory action against whistleblowers, our national air safety and security is compromised.

Persecution of honest public servants sends "chilling signals to other would-be whistleblowers within the airline industry, the Federal Aviation Administration, and the Federal Air Marshal program" says Hanley.

Ban Ki-moon has pledged to "fight discrimination targeting individuals vulnerable to attack," the 2009 International Human Rights theme being to end discrimination. Whistleblowers are among those most vulnerable to persecution, including assassination.

“With a 2% probability of success for today’s federal whistleblowers under existing laws, stronger language of HR 1507 must be included in the final passage of the ‘Whistleblower Protection Enhancement Act of 2009,’” stated Hanley. '"

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