Sunday, March 14, 2010

What do you Do when You Stand alone against Corruption in the Courts

Why Does the FBI not Get involved IN the Way a "County" does Business or the way a "District Court" violates the rights of US Citizens.

Pick your County Wisely Folks, because not all counties are the same, and it does not matter the laws of the state - they ... the DOJ - the FBI - the Governor - the Attorney General and even Animal and Children Abuse situations, they are sent back to the County Level of Government to Deal With the And the Corruption at that level is easily bought and paid for...

Tim Wilsons Oklahoma Story

" The case # is Ada, Oklahoma Pontotoc County FD-2008-45 it is unbelievable that judges and attorney's are allowed to break the laws and have no one to answer to for how they destroy children's future by taking from the parents, when one doesn't have a choice in a divorce from the other. "

Oklahoman refused to Print a PAID for Letter... why?

Controlled Media is not in the interest of the Great Good.

""When I went to the Ada paper offices the first lady that read it also a publisher, said she already knew of at least to people that would be contacting me when it was printed about this Kurt Sweeny attorney and the way he had ripped them off from there case.

These was never printed put out to the public, but was sent to 4-5 state repreezentives when the paper would not print it for me. Only one Rep. sent a five word response about the matter back the others have not answered.. Please hold on to this attachment until I can get the other information for you to review. They the paper here knew there would have been a lot of people, come forward with what had happened to them in there case.

That's why I can't get a attorney now, to file on this county or the other attorney's that set me up for the out come of the case. I have tried all over the state calling over 50 different attorneys some big co. lawyers, some recommended by others, they say I have a case when I don't tell them who it is, then find out who it is against and start to back paddle, and craw fish telling me they really can't take cases like this one. ""

""This case is still in appeals court here in Oklahoma we should get there ruling in the next 2 months.

The attachment is remembered to the best of my ability, and I will testify to it as being truth as it is written of the case proceedings and events that have happened.

The attachment of case proceedings has high lights to the case, there is a lot more that can be told about things that happened and was done not listed in this attachment. I can send you some of the documents that will prove what was said and filed through out this attachment. I will try to gather this information by it's date in order from start to date so you can see how this was set up by the events I explained in the attachment. There is a lot of information and documentation as I tried to cover the case in my son's and mine best interest.
What I find is strange now, all attorney's want to get as much as they can from a company or rich person, if they have the proof and know there is a big profit from destroying them for there wrong, or corruption in there management of business or negligence. And will go after bad people as a pack of wolves.

But when it comes to exposing a corrupt county judge and a gang of attorney's working under her, they don't want to take the case and won't tell you any one that will, because this makes millions for other attorney's and they might actually pass a law that might make judges and attorney's responsible for destroying and controlling trials for there gain of money, and for the county.

There is only a certain amount of time a person has to file a civil suit for these matters, and they are trying to let this time run out so they will not be held accountable for what they have done throughout the case. I don't know what to do my self, I don't know what to file, or how to represent my self for what they have taken from my son and me. The main person they have hurt is my son and his future by trying to destroy the father for doing his best as a person and a parent to provide and protect his child. ""

" ... will understand what is going on with the court system here, of how they set the out come of trials,and people need to understand themselves they could be next in an unwanted divorce that could wipe them out financially and destroy there children's future for the county courts gain and the attorney's that are corrupt. I'm sure not all places and attorney's are this way, but some are and these are the one's that should be exposed and made to pay back what they have taken from good parents illegally using the law as there weapon of force.

Our children as well as ourselves will suffer now and later for what we are allowing as American people to happen in are courts system. We as American's can no longer have blind eyes and deaf ears to what these corrupt people are doing to people with no consequences for there actions of greed to line there pockets and counties just because they are in a possession to do so, some with the power to see it through as Judges. We are all supposed to be under the laws of are state we live in, and corrupt people of power should be no exception to these laws. ""

Email Coorespondence

"" From: "Day, Sunne"
To: "tleewilson"
Sent: Monday, March 08, 2010 11:30 AM
Subject: RE: Message from Website: Criminal History Questions

Mr. Wilson,
I received your e-mail wherein you requested the Oklahoma State Bureau
of Investigation investigate alleged court corruption in Pontotoc
County, Oklahoma.

Pursuant to 74 O.S. §150.2, the OSBI has the power and duty to provide
assistance and investigate the following:

1. Assist the Director of the Oklahoma State Bureau of Narcotics and
Dangerous Drugs Control, the Chief Medical Examiner, and all law
enforcement officers and district attorneys when such assistance is
2. Investigate and detect criminal activity when directed to do so
by the Governor;
3. Investigate, detect, institute and maintain actions involving
vehicle theft or oil, gas or oil field equipment theft;
4. Investigate any criminal threat made to the physical safety of an
elected or appointed official;
5. Investigate violations of the Oklahoma Computer Crimes Act; and
6. Investigate certain crimes that occur on the turnpikes.

Furthermore, any investigation not covered under the above cited statute
may only be initiated by the following persons: the Governor; the
Attorney General; the Council on Judicial Complaints; the Director of
the Department of Human Services; or a district court judge in
accordance with Oklahoma Statutes.

Please be advised that your request to initiate an investigation will be
denied as the OSBI is authorized to initiate only the investigations set
forth above.


Sunne Riedel Day
OSBI Legal Counsel

-----Original Message-----
From: Tim Wilson []
Sent: Saturday, March 06, 2010 7:33 PM
To: Thompson, Angela
Subject: Message from Website: Criminal History Questions

The question I have is how could I get officals of the OSBI to do an
investigation of court corruption,in Pontotoc County Oklahoma. I have
contacted many people that turn deaf ears to this case. Even an FBI
agent when told to call them for help,a agent told me the FBI would not
get get involved in how these people here run there county here.Other
officals don't want to even look at the evidence in the case. There is
more than enough evidence with the case to show how the proceedings were
staged before trial,and after. The attorney's did not follow the states
required statues that were allowed by the judge during proceedings. All
the attorney's I have contacted now say there is a civil case, but are
unwilling to file this because of who is involved, and will not
represent me and my minor son for these violations in the cases history.
Can you investigate this case of proceedings for my son and me? Please
contact me by e-mail so I may make you investigation of the case easy

you to follow. You will see what I mean when you pull up the case. Case
No. FD-2008-45 also Now in the Sepreme Courts of Oklahoma #106682 ""