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World Renowned Inventor of Trillion Dollar + Technologies and Car Bombing Victim Eliot Bernstein has filed written testimony

" « Prepared Statement of Eliot I. Bernstein of Iviewit to New York Senate Judiciary Committee John L. Sampson Regarding Trillion Dollar Iviewit Federal Lawsuit Naming Proskauer Rose, Foley & Larnder, IBM, Intel, SGI, Lockheed and More »

Senator John L. Sampson NY Senate Judiciary Hearing ~ Testimony of Iviewit Inventor Eliot Bernstein Re Trillion Dollar Fed Suit Naming Proskauer Rose, Foley & Lardner, Intel, SGI, Lockheed & more ""

Formal Written Prepared Statement is @ .

The technologies are claimed to be used across all Internet and Digital Television providers hosting and distributing video, on Defense applications, Space and Flight simulators, Guidance Systems, Medical Imaging Devices, GPS Mapping like Google Maps, You-Tube, the Hubble Space Telescope and much more.

Major Fortune 1000 and Wall street interests implicated in the case include Intel, SGI, Lockheed, IBM, Comcast, Verizon, AOL TW, Yahoo, Universal Studios, Morgan Stanley, CIBC and much more.

In what is commonly now referred to as "Patentgate", the attention of Washington, DC and Federal Agencies have been trailing the case for years which involves allegations of Fraud on the US Patent Office and the Attempted Murder of the Inventor's Family by a Car Bombing in Boynton Beach, Florida strong enough to take out 3 cars, images @ .

Bernstein filed a TWELVE COUNT - TWELVE TRILLION DOLLAR Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act ( RICO ) Federal complaint, the case moved its way in to New York when Bernstein's case was marked legally "related" by Federal Judge Shira Scheindlin, to a Whistleblower Lawsuit of Christine Anderson.

Anderson case comes from alleged corruption out of the Supreme Court of NY First Department in Manhattan, which is heading to trial very on October 19, 2009. Major Law Firms and Wall Street interests implicated in the matter include major Defense firm Lockheed Martin, the Intel Corporation, Silicon Graphics Inc and others.

Law firms Proskauer Rose and Foley & Lardner implicated as central players in the theft and fraud on the United States Patent & Trademark Offices, which have led to suspension of the Intellectual Properties by the US Patent Office Commissioner are under investigation, the patents suspended while federal investigations continue.

Proskauer recently sued for aiding and abetting the Stanford Ponzi scheme and a former SEC Proskauer partner has resigned from the firm, leaving the firm with a global class action for the entire billions stolen by Stanford.

Ties to Madoff and Proskauer also abound and Proskauer is also found representing themselves in court against Bernstein their former client, in MASS conflicts of interest.The press release contains Links to Written Testimony and other releases including a Petition to President Obama and US Attorney General Eric Holder.

The full NY senate Judiciary Committee hearing regarding the Public Office Corruption in NY can be found @ .

Bernstein's Testimony comes at 4.02.08 on the video timeline where he declares that the State Bar Association is a drinking establishment and that it should be "blown up" and "hard pipe hitting investigators who hate lawyers" should be charged with investigating and prosecuting dirty lawyers, judges and politicians, to the jeers of the packed hearing room.

Press Release appeared originally at the totally awesome Free Press Release @ Amended Complaint - 12 Trillion Dollars @ February 13th 2009 Letter to President Barack Hussein Obama II to enjoin The Honorable Eric H. Holder Jr., United States Attorney General ~ Department of Justice @

Beginning of Letter:

Subject: US Federal Whistleblower Lawsuit (07cv09599)
Anderson v The State of New York, et al.
Criminal Allegations Requiring Charlie Crist's Immediate Attention.

To: Governor Charlie Crist
November 10, 2009
Dear Governor Crist~Below is a letter to Senator Sampson, Chair NY Senate Judiciary Committee, implicating the FL Supreme Court

US Federal Whistleblower Lawsuit (07cv09599) Anderson v The State of New York, et al.

Criminal Allegations Requiring Senator John L. Sampson's Immediate Attention. In Judge Shira A. Scheindlin's US Federal Court Whistleblower Christine C. Anderson Reveals a "Cleaner", Naomi Goldstein, at the New York Supreme Court Appellate Division First Department ETHICS Committee allegedly Whitewashing Complaints for US Attorneys, DA's and more, a scene more reminiscent of the Gotti Trial on the 26th Floor of the same Federal Courthouse...

Inventor Eliot Bernstein's Family Minivan Bombed in US Patent Office Fraud files Twelve Trillion Dollar RICO Suit legally "related" by Judge Scheindlin to the Whistleblower case (08-4873-cv US Court of Appeals Second Circuit) and US District Court (07cv11196).Interactive version of the attached Adobe PDF Letter to the New York Senate Judiciary Committee and Senator John L. Sampson with Links to all Exhibits @ From: Eliot Bernstein Sent: Thursday, October 29, 2009 6:43 AMTo: John L. Sampson, Chairman ~ New York Senate Judiciary Committee (

Cc: The Honorable John Conyers Jr. (D-MI 14th) - Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee (;

The Honorable Glenn Fine ~ Inspector General @ United States Department of Justice (; The Honorable Glenn Fine - Inspector General Department of Justice; The Honorable United States Senator Dianne Feinstein (Business Fax);

Jennifer Duck, Chief Counsel ~ Senator Dianne Feinstein (; The Honorable Eric H. Holder Jr., United States Attorney General @ US DOJ (; The Honorable Eric H. Holder Jr., United States Attorney General @ US DOJ (; The Honorable Shira A. Scheindlin @ United States District Court ~ Southern District of New York (; Elena Kagan, Charles Hamilton Houston Professor of Law Dean of the Faculty of Law @ Harvard Law School (; Harry I. Moatz ~ Director of the United States Patent & Trademark Office - Office of Enrollment & Discipline; David Kappos ~ Under Secretary of Commerce for Intellectual Property and Director of the USPTO (;

John J. Doll - Commissioner for Patents; David Gouvaia @ Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration (;

Mary L. Schapiro, Chairman @ U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (; Enforcement @ U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (; Chris P. Mercer, President ~ Institute of Professional Representatives before the European Patent Office (epi) (; Steven Michael Cohen, Counselor and Chief of Staff @ New York Office of the Attorney General (;

Timothy Spotts Esq. ~ Counsel @ Senate Standing Committee on the Judiciary (; 'George Onorato (D-NY 12th) ('; 'Senator Ruth E. Hassell-Thompson (D-NY 36th) ('; 'Ruben Diaz (D-NY 32nd) ('; 'Jeffrey D. Klein (D-NY 34th) ('; ' ('; New York State Senator Pedro Espada Jr. (D) @ 33rd Senate District (; 'Senator Neil D. Breslin (D-NY 46th) ('; ' ('; 'Diane J. Savino (D-NY 23rd) ('; 'Bill Perkins (D-NY 30th) ('; 'George D. Maziarz (R-NY 62nd) ('; 'Senator John A. DeFrancisco (R-NY 50th) ('; 'David J. Valesky (D-NY 49th) ('; 'Stephen M. Saland (R-NY 41st) ('; 'William J. Larkin, Jr. (R-NY 39th) ('; 'Senator John J. Bonacic (R-NY 42nd) ('; 'George H. Winner, Jr. (R-NY 53rd) ('; 'Michael F. Nozzolio (R-NY 54th) ('; 'Andrew J. Lanza (R-NY 24th) ('; New York State Senator Michael H. Ranzenhofer (R, C, IP) @ 61st Senate District (; Monica Connell, Assistant Attorney General - Division of State Counsel Litigation Bureau ~ State of New York Office of the Attorney General (;

Subject: US Federal Whistleblower Lawsuit (07cv09599) Anderson v The State of New York, et al. Criminal Allegations Requiring Your Immediate Attention, Revelation of "Cleaner" at NY First Dept Ethics Committee, Whitewashing Complaints for US Attorneys, District Attorneys and Assistant DA's and More.

Dear Hon. John L. Sampson, Chairman of the New York Senate Judiciary Committee,

Please review the attached PDF Document [ or ] which is a letter regarding the Criminal Allegations levied in the Christine C. Anderson v. New York State et al. case to you and requires actions on the part of the NY Senate Judiciary Committee.

Very Truly Yours,
Eliot I. Bernstein
Inventor Iviewit Holdings, Inc. -

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