Monday, April 12, 2010

Andrew Cuomo Follows In Eliot Spitzer’s Footprints In Pursuit of “The Ring” and Governorship Ignoring The Law And Rules.

"Andrew Cuomo Follows In Eliot Spitzer’s Footprints In Pursuit of “The Ring” and Governorship Ignoring The Law And Rules To Amass A 16 Million Dollar Treasury.

Can Andrew Cuomo follow Eliot Spitzer’s example pursuing the Governorship and fund his campaign treasury with payments from opposing attorneys with actions against NY State?.

Terence Finnan reports on his blog , that one can follow Cuomo’s and Spitzer’s Money Trails pursuing for themselves “The Ring,” specifically the Governorship and, ultimately, the Presidency. Mr. Finnan reports of the joy in London over Spitzer’s role in taking money out of the NY Financial Markets, ” History will come to view him (Spitzer) as one of the most damaging figures in the history of the state. It is difficult to imagine that he will, as governor, do anything to counter the damage he has already done to American business, or even that he would wish to do so. ”Mr. Finnan asks, “Is Cuomo like Spitzer, a Gollum, obsessed with the ‘Ring,’ and becoming Governor and our first Italian president?” Mr. Finnan further asks, ” Do the People of NY benefit when Cuomo shakes down lawyers for his campaign treasury, instead of Spitzer shaking down Wall Street? What benefit to the People of NY accrues when Cuomo builds a 16 million dollar campaign fund with payoffs by lawyers with cases against NY State. In the end, weren’t the payoffs made to Cuomo’s treasury only passed on as an expense of the People of NY whose interests were compromised?”Following the advice in Matthew 6:24 “No man can serve two masters,” Mr. Finnan asks whether Andrew Cuomo can serve as the People’s attorney and at the same time collect payments from opposing lawyers?Mr. Finnan quotes the applicable Disciplinary Rule DR 5-101 [1200.20] concerning “Conflicts of Interest” and asks whether Andrew Cuomo obtained permission from the People of NY to take money from opposing attorneys?Finally, Mr. Finnan asks three questions of Andrew Cuomo:1. Did you obtain the consent of the People after full disclosure of the implications before you took the money for your own personal campaign interests?2. A special prosecutor?3. Is your defense, Spitzer did it first?
Earlier posts had asked Andrew Cuomo to support making “Official Misconduct” a felony, instead of a misdemeanor and presented criminal complaints to facilitate Andrew Cuomo to prosecute several State Judges and Senators for criminal conduct..

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