Wednesday, April 7, 2010


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This website is dedicate to the exoneration of Mr. Kevin Dozier(06A1227) ; also, this presentation should show the reality of the state of New York Court system. Many elected officials know about this crisis, however, they have done nothing to correct the matter. In particular, this presentation endeavors to show how easily one can get arrested and falsely convicted. Some of the players are well-known in the political and criminal justice realm. Let's review Mr. Dozier's dilemma by first perusing his memorandum. Examine Dozier's brief.Then we will review both appendices.

Kevin Dozier, a former John Jay College student was illegally prosecuted and sentenced for allegations of Criminal Contempt and Aggravated Harassment, in 2003. Mr. dozier hired defense attorneys, Steve G. Williams, Daniel F. Lynch and later on Dozier's direct appeal, appellate attorney: Daniel M. Perez with Ron L. Kuby, Esquires. What is noteworthy is that Mr. Dozier has been accused of having affiliations with Saudi-Arabian terrorist networks!!!! Nevertheless, each attorney misrepresented/with-held information against best interests for client-Mr. Dozier.

What that suggest is that there is one "common denominator" behind the complicit governmental corruption--- the New York State Courts. Examine the first appendix. Review second appendix.

According to investigators, a host of high-ranking judges and prosecutors have perpetuated gross malfeasance and corruption, not only in Mr. Kevin Dozier's criminal case but in other criminal and civil cases, before. Remember, Jonathan Lippman was a big boss in the First/Second Department; what is his relationship with Judith Kaye? What is Ms. Kaye's relationship with John Jay College? A few years ago, did not Ms. Kaye receive an award from the college? Who did she protect? Lawrence Koblinsky? Anyway, namely retired judge Judith Kaye, Jonathan Lippman, John T. Buckley, Gregory Carro and retired judge Edwin Torres are suspected of fixing this case (NYS-7483-2003) and other cases. For these judges, JUSTICE IS FOR SALE !!!!!!!!


1. Did Mr. Dozier have the constitutional right to due process/effective counsel?

2. Should N.Y.S. judges be allowed (laxed) discretion in prosecution proceeding?

3. Do you feel that all of the parties working against Mr. Dozier here should be indicted for fraud, abuse of power and the obstruction of justice? 4. Did high ranking ADA Mark D'wyer assist in fixing Dozier's appeal?

5. Does the F.B.I. know about the corruption in the N.Y.S. Court system?

6. Is corruption rampart due to the judges low pay? Did Judith Kaye (ex-chief judge) know about the corruption? 7. Does Jonathan Lippman know about the corruption in the courts?

8. Did Daniel M. Perez and Ron L. Kuby lie when they told defendant that they were dissolving their law firm? Were they hiding the fact that they were secretly fixing the appeal?

9. How did Dr. Lawrence Koblinsky receive his orders-of-protections? Did Dr. Koblinsky commit perjury?"