Monday, April 5, 2010

Cardio Cocktail Sucks - Cardio Cocktail Scam - Formor International Fraud and Deception. Formor International Bait and Switch Kings. Cardio Cocktail

A Lot of Folks are Out there Googling "Cardio Cocktail Sucks" and "Cardio Cocktail Scam" - So I Thought I Would Give Them a Cardio Cocktail Scam to Look at.

My name is Crystal L. Cox and I am an Ex - Formor International Distributor. I was taking Cardio Cocktail a few years back, and tried to build an online business selling Cardio Cocktail, however Formor International had different ideas and prevented me, at every turn in the road from make money selling Cardio Cocktail on my Cardio Cocktail Websites.

I still stuck in there selling Cardio Cocktail with Formor International even though they were constantly hurting my Cardio Cocktail Business and keeping me from succeeding at Selling Cardio Cocktail.

When Formor International Brought Dan Hobbs on board it became and even worse nightmare trying to do anything to get ahead. Plus Formor International Changed the Cardio Cocktail Pay Plan. Dan Hobbs is a very discriminating and judgemental man and even did a Formor International Video that was directing hate at people he did not "approve" of. It was a real turn off, that on top of the Cardio Cocktail pay Slash...

Well the Cardio Cocktail Scam was becoming undeniably obvious.

We were on top of the search engines for "Cardio Cocktail" within 5 weeks of joining Formor International selling Cardio Cocktail. Formor International did not like that so they quietly broker our Cardio Cocktail links and re-directed our Cardio Cocktail internet Traffic.

When We Complained to Formor International about our Cardio Cocktail links and told Formor International what was happening when our customers clicked on our Cardio Cocktail links.. well
Formor International would Flat Out Lied and tell us that we were not allowed to have Cardio Cocktail websites and that no one at Formor International had a Cardio Cocktail Website.

Yet Our Upline and their Upline certainly did have a Cardio Cocktail Website and even advertised their Formor International Cardio Cocktail in Google Adwords.

Apparently it was a Cardio Cocktail Secret ... like Not being able to sign up your spouse but they do anyway. Turns out the Real Cardio Cocktail - Formor International secret was they steal your BV, another words your Cardio Cocktail Money.

Formor International steals your internet traffic in selling Cardio Cocktail and breaks your Cardio Cocktail links constantly.

If you Complain about Formor International's Cardio Cocktail Scam - they break out the good ol' policies and procedures to say that your not allowed to have a Cardio Cocktail website, yet Formor International knows full well that ALL the Formor International Distributor's do in Fact have a Cardio Cocktail Website.

Formor International just lets their Formor International Distributor's get lots of money and business coming in and then they pull out the Lord Formor Rule Book and Bring the Hammer Down, meanwhile they let you build up an awesome Cardio Cocktail business for them, You Lose... and 3 years later at Formor International - this Cardio Cocktail Scam is still going on.

Since quitting Formor International in Selling Cardio Cocktail and Yes I did Quit Selling Cardio Cocktail by Formor International but Formor International would not release me.. so I put up and they fired me.. gee Can't Quit but they love to Fire Their Formor International Distributors.

Anyway since quitting selling Cardio Cocktail I found out that Dr. Joseph Prendergast left Formor International years ago because he found out that Formor International did not really put 5 Grams of L-Arginine in Cardio Cocktail, as Formor International stated that was and is in Cardio Cocktail.

I have also Learned that Cardio Cocktail has Ace-K, which I believe to be a dangerous Cardio Cocktail Ingredient that is in the BeFlora Plus.

Policies and Procedures at ForMor International are changed often to benefit Formor International and to prevent Cardio Cocktail - Formor International Distributor's from getting ahead or doing better in the Search Engines then the Formor International Mafia.

So all in all the Cardio Cocktail Scam at , Formor International has made , Formor International very rich on the backs of Formor International Distributor's who never had a chance at getting ahead with selling Cardio Cocktail.

I have sinced moved to Good Life International Selling Mega Cardio Health Plus. Mega Cardio Health Plus is a Better Product. Good Life International has a Way Better Play Plan and Good Life International is ALL for their Good Life International Distributors having websites and getting a strong eCommerce business going.

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Much More Coming Soon on the Formor International Cardio Cocktail Scam - Plus tons of research on Advanced Products, Formor International, and their affiliation..

Posted here by
Crystal L. Cox
Investigative Blogger and
Ex - Formor International Cardio Cocktail Distributor

PS - this is Not Bait and Switch - it is Quit Formor - it is SWITCH..
it is DO Not Join the Formor International Mafia...