Monday, April 5, 2010

CEO Ray Davis - VP Brad Copeland - Umpqua Bank Compliance Officer Duties - A Bank CEO and Vice President KNOW their Duties

I Believe that Umpqua Bank CEO Ray Davis and Umpqua Bank Vice President Brad Copeland are Hiding some huge secrets that the Summit 1031 Creditors have a Right to KNOW...

Here are a few tidbits on Compliance Officers...

Umpqua Bank Compliance Officer Job Description, in Online Job Offers ...

"Ability to demonstrates compliance with all bank regulations, Follows all Bank policies and procedures, compliance regulations .."

Who Hires a Compliance Officer for a Bank?

Who Knows Full Well What the Duties of a Compliance Officer Are?

What is the Umpqua Bank Compliance Program ? Does it state that emails will be monitored for quality control or compliance?

" The Chief Compliance Officer serves the CEO and Board of Directors by reporting on the Company’s compliance efforts and providing guidance on compliance matters. The Chief Compliance Officer, together with the Compliance Committee (or other committee) of the Board, is authorized to implement all necessary actions to create an effective compliance program."

So the CEO of Umpqua Bank knows FULL Well What a Compliance Officer Does Right? And so does an Umpqua Bank Vice President, who are you trying to FOOL? Oh .. the Creditors..

Part of the Duties of a Bank Compliance Officer is to Provide reports on a regular basis, so the Executives at Umpqua KNEW that the Email Monitoring was a part of the Compliance Officers Job - there is No Way that they did not know that email would be in this 100 Million Dollar Scandal.. keep in mind Summit 1031 had a BILLION dollar pass through their Greedy Mitts over the last Decade...

An Umpqua Bank Compliance Officer Can can review email dialog for content. The Bank CEO and Vice President KNOW THIS... without a Doubt.

Compliance Regulation Bank, Umpqua Bank Compliance, Umpqua Bank Compliance Officer Duties, Chief Compliance Officer , and more.. coming soon..

Coming Soon and Research Tips, Find an Old Lawsuit that Umpqua Bank Brad Copeland and Or CEO Ray Davis were in or had to know about, where the emails were used - this proves they knew that in the Summit 1031 Case the eMail would be an instrumental part of the case again.

Get a Copy of Umpqua Bank Policy and Procedures to see if ANYTHING to do with email monitoring, or saying that emails will be part of a lawsuit.

In that eMail Umpqua Bank Brad Copeland admits to knowing that emails are subpoenaed, that only admits Guilt. Vice President Umpqua Bank knew that THOSE emails would be part of the record and so he sent that Email to CEO Ray Davis to Make sure it was Part of a Lawsuit that they Full well knew that had Plenty of Exposure on.

Brad Copeland admits in that email that the Summit 1031 Principles asked them to "get in bed with them" - So how can Summit 1031 say they did do this?

And if Umpqua Bank CEO Ray Davis and Vice President Brad Copeland did not "get into bed with" Summit 1031 - Summit Accommodators, Lane Lyons - Tim Larkin - Brian Stevens and Mark Neuman ..

WELL then WHO did, because what is playing out to me shows that those boys are not real smart.. so someone hid their assets and helped them hid money for many years... WHO Was it?

I Say, in My Opinion, the CEO Ray Davis and Vice President Brad Copeland are trying to hide something HUGE and that they know a lot more on the Summit 1031 Scandal then they have yet to admit. I Say, in my Opinion - that they staged that email in hopes of avoiding a .. say 30 Million Dollar Lawsuit and that they, in my Opinion were indeed in bed with Summit and in a Very Big Way..

Compliance Officer Research Links

Also Research the HUGE Scandal about Compliance Officer Peter Sivere - the JPMorgan Whistleblower - who caught an email that incriminated the big boys and THEY Fired Him...

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